The Skinny on Natural Face & Body Scrubs - Natural Exfoliating Products July 16 2014


A natural face scrub can do wonders for your complexion and create that radiance you long for. There are a few common ingredients that provide the fine texture that is associated with scrubs, like sugar, salt, and ground bean and nut powders. But there are some unique and intriguing choices available to us, that are affordable and indulgent.

A quick scrub idea might be to combine equal parts of sugar and honey, and apply to clean skin in a circular motion for a few minutes. Rinse and notice how soft your skin feels? Here are some top notch ingredient choices to consider when choosing a natural face scrub from our line. These ingredients can be valuable additions to helping you reach your healthy skin goals:

Ascorbic Acid ingested through our diet and oral supplements may not reach our skin in quantities high enough to have a significant impact. Ascorbic acid can protect us from free radicals like those formed during exposure of our skin to UVA and UVB radiation. It’s also necessary to synthesize collagen.
Ascorbic acid will bring multiple benefits to your skin, preventing future damage but also working to repair the effects of aging and sun on your skin. It is available in our scrubs and products in a fine grain, that will be very gentle on the skin.

DMAE will improve the firmness of your skin and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Fortunately, the effects are cumulative – the longer you use it, the more consistent and permanent the results become.

Dead Sea Salt contains a high mineral content, helping rid skin of toxins and improve circulation. Regular use encourages cellular regeneration.

French Green Clay is highly efficient at drawing oils and toxins from the skin. French Green Clay is rich in important minerals and phyto-nutrients. It’s a very fine powder, perfect for extreme gentle exfoliation and very sensitive skin.

Microdermabrasion Crystals are used by professionals in microdermabrasion equipment, but can easily be used at home to create a milder exfoliation result. They help safely eliminate dead cells located in the epidermis and enhance cell renewal.

Soy and Wheat Proteins are highly beneficial for boosting collagen levels. Healthier collagen means thicker, firmer skin.

Tripeptides are made up of amino acids, and send “signals” to your skin to produce more collagen.

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