Brow Powder How To: Better Looking Than a Pencil and User Friendly October 22 2014

I recently started showing more of an interest in my eyebrows, as I’ve been paying more attention to my cosmetic routine and trying new products. I’ve always had a brow pencil in my cosmetic arsenal, but never really spent much time with it as my brows are fairly light and sparse, and I didn’t want to start looking like Joan Crawford.

A softer alternative and a great way to give your eyebrows a polished look, is finding a brow powder or eyeshadow that matches your hair, and a stiff angled brush (I use Elf’s angled brush, which I picked up at Target for about $2). Yes it's true, there are lovely brushes out there that may cost a fortune and are well worth it, but Elf’s angled brush is a really good find.  It serves it’s purpose, which is to place color either along the lash line or brow, so that you can work it in nicely.

I am currently using Bare Minerals Brow Powder, Ash Blonde Pale, but there are 3 other perfect colors to choose from, and at $11 it’s very affordable. You can certainly use an eyeshadow that matches your brows just as well, so no worries on what you have handy.

First take a moment to grab a mirror and go stand in natural light to tidy up your brow line and make sure they’re groomed properly. I don’t like perfectly done doll-like brows, and soft looking brows are my favorite compared to hard lines, but “scragglers” do not look appealing at all, so let’s clear them out.

Next get a small amount of powder on your brush and give it a tap to prevent any fall out. Starting where your brow hairs begin, brush upward in the direction of your hair. Continue to brush upward until you reach the top of your arch.

Pick up a bit more powder with your brush, and the brush out and towards your temple in small strokes.

To give your brows more precise definition slightly more, pick up more color and brush along the bottom and top edges of your brows to give subtle definition to their shape - much like outlining them. You can always take a larger brush to buff everything out when you're done.  

Go over them until you get the desired opacity and look.  

Don’t be shy, go ahead and accentuate your brows, which will frame your eyes in a more appealing way and give you a more polished look. Do you have some good brow tips? Share them here!