Pinterest Time November 12 2014

I often gravitate over to Pinterest, where I'm sure to be inspired by the creativity of others.  I'm especially into southern recipes right now, and anything else that is meant to create a cozy home or zen like experience.  While it's highly typical for me to pin dozens of things in one sitting, here are a few of my choices today:

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, courtesy of


A friendly reminder that no matter what life brings us, doing this simple thing will bring peace and quiet in a potentially stressful moment:


I'm often tempted to wear a ponytail, like daily.  If you can make it unique or dress it up, it doesn't feel quite as much of a cop out as your usual "where's my scrunchy since I will not do my hair today":




Do you love Pinterest too?  Share some of your own favorite pins, and we'll feature them here on our blog!