Fabulously Easy Cream Eyeshadow / Eyeliner Recipe December 03 2014

 I have been very interested in cream eyeshadows this fall and winter, primarily because my skin tends to be drier during the cooler months. I did notice in October that my powder eyeshadows were looking very chalky and unappealing, so that prompted me to explore the cream eyeshadow option.

There are a couple of good quality brands out there, so if you’re not a DIY person, you’re in luck. I personally like Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows, and Sarah from “Beauty Point of View” recommends MAC cream eyeshadow. I did purchase three Smashbox cream eyeshadows recently, but returned them because they felt dry and quite hard, making it difficult to work with.  

I’ve formulated and tested a very simple cream eyeshadow recipe for you, in which you can tweak to your own liking. I do recommend keeping the ratios about the same as they are for a consistency that will work best (1 part wax, 1 part butter, 1 part oil, 1.5 parts liquid, and 4 parts powdered eyeshadow).  Please feel free to add or change out any other ingredients that make it your own. 

This could also be used for an eyeliner recipe – especially with the deep dark color I’ve chosen today. It’s opaque enough to make good coverage and soft enough to blend well with a finger or brush.  The wax in the recipe will allow this to stay well, just like waterproof mascaras that get their staying power from a wax base.  Of course you're avoiding all of the chemicals and synthetics that most brands include, so all the more reason to try this for yourself.  Tocopherol is often used as a natural preservative, but if you do not have it available to you, you can chose any other oil you do have.  Olive oil might be a good option.  Whatever eyeshadow you decide to use will most likely have a preservative in it (natural or otherwise), so it's addition to the recipe will allow the formulation to have some shelf life.

You could expand on this to make a lip balm (with a mineral powder), cream eyeliner, or a great moisturizing concealer (with your favorite mineral foundation). 

I chose some basic ingredients – ewax (a vegetable based wax), shea butter, pure aloe and a powdered mineral eyeshadow (called Kingdom) from one of my favorite Etsy stores, Etherealle. They offer the most beautiful, subtle colors and ship very quickly. Cynthia the owner is very nice and you'll love her selection.  

I chose this dark matte color, to supplement the matte beige and matte cream colors I already use on a daily basis. You can certainly use a shimmer or any other color you prefer. I would describe this color as a very dark, brownish raisin. Very slight burgundy undertones, but mainly dark (almost black) brown.

Give this recipe a whirl. Shoot me an email if you’re having a hard time finding the ingredients. Please stop by Sarah’s blog and Cynthia’s store for great information and beautiful cosmetics!


Cream Eyeshadow Recipe

Heat the following ingredients, one at a time, in this particular order.  Once one ingredient liquifies, add the next.  When you add the eyeshadow, keep stirring untl it is smooth and completely blended.  It will not incorporate easily at first, since you are adding a powder, but it will quickly sink in and blend nicely.

¼ t. ewax or beeswax
¼ t. shea butter or any semi hard butter you prefer
¼ t. tocopherol (vitamin e) or any natural oil you have handy
.75 t. aloe or water
½ t. shadow

Beauty Point of View

Please feel free to add your questions and comments!