Lazy Girl’s Guide To Healthier Skin, Hair and Happier Living

After a long holiday season and the monotonous winter months, it can be difficult to feel motivated to do the things you might normally do to feel and look your best.  

Many times, a new year can mean a fresh take and new perspective on our routines.  If you've been longing to simplify your beauty and health routine, consider some of the suggestions below.  Natural skin care and good health can be very simple and rewarding, leaving us time for other things that we enjoy.

If you wash your hair often, consider skipping the shampoo step a couple times a week and use your conditioner as a cleansing cream. Wet hair, apply a water based conditioner, and massage scalp and hair for a few minutes to soften and release built up grim and oils. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Your hair will feel much more manageable, since the natural oils won’t be completely stripped and you’ll be left with softer, easier to style tresses.

Choose one skin care product that addresses the effects of aging. This choice can vary depending on the time of year or your age – but try to find one item that fits your present needs. As you will find this is such an easy step to follow daily, you can add and eye or lip treatment, or a night cream.

Keep facial wipes in your overnight bag or by your bedside for those nights you’re pressed for time or cannot be home to wash with fresh water or your favorite cleanser. While it may not be as good as cleansing with fresh water and your favorite cleansing solution, it is very close and works wonderfully when you’re very tired or in a pinch for time. Choose a brand based on a simple ingredients list, without a lot of additives or synthetics. If you wear waterproof eye makeup, include oil based makeup remover pads to your super quick face cleansing back up plan.

Looking for an easy and healthy emotional pick me up? Purchase a small bottle of orange or lemon essential oil online. Open and take a whiff whenever you’re feeling drained or non-motivated. It will immediately wake up your senses and give you a new, fresh perspective.

Likewise, if you’re looking for an easy and healthy way to relax, it can be as simple and easy and purchasing a small bottle of lavender or chamomile essential oil. Open and take a sniff whenever you’re having a hard time decompressing from a long day. You can pat a few drops on your favorite pillow or blanket before laying down for the night. I personally feel most relaxed when taking a whiff of patchouli or frankincense, but you can find one that fits your own preferences.

A quick and easy mask or scrub is as close as your kitchen, when you’d like a fast pick me up during the week or weekend. Consider mixing equal parts brown sugar and honey or olive oil as a scrub to dramatically soften skin, or oats and honey or yogurt as a mask to hydrate and replenish skin, giving it a much healthier glow. Natural skin care doesn’t get much easier, and it’s rewarding to concoct your own scrub or mask with the ingredients you’ve already purchased.

Drink green tea. For so many reasons, green tea is a wonderful choice that leads to better skin and health. It’s affordable, easy to prepare, tastes good, hydrates, contains valuable antioxidants to heal and protect skin and body, helps regulate metabolism (lose weight), and can give you that mental pick me up.

Exfoliate face and body regularly, to feel and look toned and refreshed. This can be as easy as a simple cotton wash cloth or as luxurious as your favorite scrubs which can also serve as a mental pick me up throughout the week.
Lastly, and perhaps the most important suggestions to easy skin, hair and happiness tips, is to make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. These two factors are incredibly important. Allow yourself a few water breaks throughout the day to adequately hydrate, and enough time in the evening to relax and sleep.

What lazy girl suggestions do you have to look and feel your best?

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