20 Positive Morning Affirmations To Give You The Boost You Need March 19 2019

Sometimes we all need a pep talk - a talk only a best friend could give us.  Those words of confidence and encouragement, at times, can only come from yourself.  

As you're getting ready for your day, driving in your car, say these affirmations to yourself with conviction and kindness.  Repeat the ones that resonate with you in that moment:

I have an abundance of energy for today.

I am free of pain.

Today is my day.

I am strong and capable.

I am a survivor.

I am resilient.

I am loved.

Today, I will have creative ideas.

The sunrise fills me with confidence.

Whatever challenges come my way, I can overcome them.

I will learn and grow.

I will be a better person today.

I will help someone today.

I will love who I see in the mirror.

Success will find me today.

I am grateful for another day to shine.

Today is full of possibilities.

I will be fearless today.

I am stronger than any storm.

Unconditional love flows to me.