6 Rituals to Release 2019 and Welcome The New Year

We’ve just passed Winter Solstice and Yule, and we are finally starting a new year with hope and good intentions, or at the very least, the desire to put the past behind us and start fresh.

I'm not sure about you, but I had a good year in 2019, in terms of personal growth and accomplishments, which I am so grateful for.  God willing, 2020 will bring us all more comfort and good blessings. 

I grew up in the northern part of the United States, mainly Michigan and Ohio, and I do miss the snow.  Down in the south when I now live, in Georgia, we can still enjoy some balmy days and plenty of sun so I definitely appreciate that.

I remember years up north, when it seemed like the sky was grey for weeks during the winter season, and I would put sun simulation light bulbs in all of my lamps throughout the house.  

This time of year is wonderful for more quality “inward time”, and time for self reflection and planning what we want to accomplish.  Take some time to go inside, both literally and figuratively, light candles and spend time nourishing your heart & emotional body.

Reflecting on the year that has past and this year, the decade. Giving gratitude for all the gifts and blessings and remembering all the growth that has taken place. Honoring the dark, and the return of the light. 

Here are 6 rituals to release the old year and start the new one with good intention: 

1. Plant a few seeds in a jar by the window and watch them germinate and sprout over the coming weeks. If you don't want to maintain a vegetable garden, try some cooking herbs that can be easily cared for.  

2. Meditate with visualization, and watch in your mind’s eye your old patterns and sabotaging beliefs leave your body and go into the earth or up to heaven to be cleansed or nourished.  Watch them float away upward, or seep into the ground and leave you. Try it for at least 10 minutes.

3. Use a broom to sweep your home, and remove any old stagnant energy as well as debris, out of your home. It’s symbolic but also functional following the physical cleaning, you can burn cleansing sacred smoke, like sweetgrass, palo santo or even dried pine needles.

4. Sing or hum in celebration, weather it's Christmas carols or your favorite songs o faith.  It's a great way to bring some light into this dark season and honor this opportunity for reflection and change.

5. Listen to one of my favorite ASMR Reiki artists, Sarah Louise Tilsley, to help clear your mind and relieve anxiety.  Here is her Winter Soltice Meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyD_UCWNK74

6. Journal your dreams for the year ahead, list them, paint them, make them into a poem, dance them into being, it doesn’t matter how you express them, but do plant your intentions for the year ahead. This is like the “new moon” of the year.

Thank you to LivingPrettyNaturally for their blog post inspiration here >> https://livingprettynaturally.com/5-rituals-to-release-celebrate-2019/

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