Lavender & Lemon Sugar Scrub {Super Easy} November 02 2015

After a long summer of sun, spending time outdoors, late nights, and generally doing out best to enjoy the season - it's a good time to refresh and exfoliate with a lovely homemade concoction.

This recipe is easily adjusted to your preference.  The sugar could be swapped for Himalayan salt, or any other natural grain or exfoliant.  The essential oil can be traded for anything else you prefer - my favorite is bergamot or grapefruit.  And as you can see by viewing the recipe, the oil can be any kind you have around or prefer to use.  


1/3 c oil {grapeseed, coconut, olive, jojoba - your choice}
1 c sugar
lavender essential oil
zest of 1 lemon
1 t. citric acid {to retain freshness}

Combine and mix well. Simple & sweet, Store in air tight container.