Brilliant Reasons to Dry Brush & How To Do It July 10 2017

The facts about dry brushing and why it’s a great idea:

Studies show that dry brushing can benefit you in a variety of ways – and not just for exfoliation of dead skin cells. It has been proven to help the body detoxify, stimulate the lymphatic system, boost circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, relieve stress, improve kidney function, and improve digestion.

While adding yet another task to your grooming list might feel overwhelming, the truth is it only takes 5 minutes a day for a successful dry brushing.

Your skin is not just layers of skin, but it also contains glands, pores and nerves. The action of dry brushing will help those glands excrete toxins, clear pores, and it will feel wonderful. If the lymphatic system is congested it can result in a build-up of toxins, causing inflammation and illness. Dry brushing stimulates the lymph nodes and invigorates the skin.”

Most stores now will carry a quality dry body brush with a long handle, making it easier to reach your back and hard to reach areas.

Dry brush your skin before your bath or shower for just five minutes to gain the benefits of such an easy and affordable way to keep your body healthy.

Starting at the bottom of your feet, move the brush gently along your skin in broad sweeping motions towards your heart. It’s important and completely acceptable to start with gentle strokes so as to not hurt your skin or or cause irritation. You can increase pressure as your body gets used to the sensation.

Brush each area a few times. Once you’ve brushed your entire body, step into your shower or bath as you normally would.