Dry Skin on Hands ◦ 7 Ways to Heal Them Today

dry skin on hands

Dry Skin on Hands ◦ 7 Ways to Heal Them Today

Dry skin on hands can be extremely uncomfortable, and make us feel self conscious.  There are several reasons why your hands might be very dry, mentioned below, but rest assured regardless of the reason this can be remedied with the right actions and ingredients. 

What Causes Dry Skin on Hands?

Extreme weather.  Most of us know the discomfort of wind burn or sun burn, and our hands are one of the most exposed areas on our bodies.  Dry skin on hands can be caused by these environmental conditions.  A great precaution to take is to remember to apply sunscreen to backs of hands when you apply to other areas and purchase some warm gloves to protect skin during winter months.

Harsh detergents and chemicals.  Constantly washing hands and using hand sanitizer is a common practice especially the last couple of years.  While we cannot always avoid these actions, we can take a moment to moisturize right after them.  Carrying a travel size body or hand cream will do the trick quite nicely and help ward off dry skin on hands.

Consider medical conditions.  There are a variety of medical conditions that might cause dry skin on hands, such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, lupus, etc.  If you have dry skin on hands it absolutely does not mean you have one of these conditions, and we are not diagnosing anyone, but these conditions can on occasion cause dry skin on hands.  In any case, the solution will be to remove any exterior situations that exacerbates the dry skin, implement any remedies to help it, and incorporate any ingredients or products that can alleviate it.

7 Ways to Heal Dry Skin on Hands 

1. Monitor usage of harsh detergents and chemicals.  This might be hard to do in this day and age, with all the expectations to wash and sanitize our hands, even when dealing with dry skin on hands.  These are things we need to do but maybe not 20 times a day.  Be cautious yet judicious about washing and sanitizing and do what’s best for your health first and foremost.

2. Don’t use heat air dryers in restrooms.  These are quite handy generally speaking, but they certainly can cause dry skin on hands if used regularly.  Just like with environmental heat this can cause parched, cracked skin if it’s something you do regularly.  If it’s your place of employment, consider asking for biodegradable paper towels, or allow hands to air dry.  If you’re out and about, these same options can help save your hands from dry skin.

3. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning.  It can be a missed step if you’re in a hurry and need to tidy up a bathroom or kitchen but including the step of putting on protective gloves is a true skin saver.  Many of our common cleaning supply products contain ingredients that can really aggravate skin and cause dry skin on hands.  Protective gloves can be your best friend when cleaning up around the house. 

4. Avoid very hot water when washing and showering.  There are many reasons why taking a shower that is too hot isn’t good for you and causing dry skin on hands is also on that list.  Hot water is that is too hot can cause hair to look lack luster, can be harsh on your scalp, and can be uncomfortable for the rest of you.  It’s actually good for your skin and hair to give yourself a short blast of cool water before you get out.  It helps smooth down the hair follicles to prevent the frizzies and helps invigorate the skin.  So enjoy a shower by all means, but try to make sure the water is not too hot.

5. Wear protective gloves when exposing hands to the winter elements.  It’s important to protect your hands from the harsh winter elements and wear a pair of warm weather proof gloves.  If you’re doing work outside, you might want to find a pair that have some gripping on the palms and finger area to allow you to complete your task, stay warm, and prevent dry skin on hands during the excessively cold temperatures.

6. Moisturizer a couple of times a day.  Keeping hands hydrated throughout the day and before bed is essential if you are dealing with dry skin on hands.  Look for some of the ingredients below, to naturally moisturize your skin.  Not only do each of the ingredients have the ability to elevate moisture levels for dry hands, but some also have the ability to heal, repair, and protect. 

7. Exfoliate skin on hands.  When you exfoliate your skin, you can ward off the dry layer of your skin and remove the dry damaged cells, which act as a barrier to your skin beneath.  Not only does this reveal fresher layers underneath, but it can reduce discoloration and the signs of aging. 

dry skin on hands

6 Important Ingredients for Dry Skin on Hands

1. Plant butters and waxes.  Studies show that plant derived butters and waxes help hydrate, soften, and seal in moisture, while providing a protective barrier.  Good examples are cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter, as well as plant derived waxes like candelilla, carnauba, or lauryl wax – just to name a few.  There are many plant butters and waxes on the market now that are optimal when choosing products to help alleviate dry skin on hands.

2. AHA’s.  Alpha hydroxy acids can help exfoliate the top layers of dry skin on hands, to reveal fresher layers that are healthier and more receptive to moisturizers and hydration.  Some easy to use at home AHA’s might be a low to moderate percentage of fruit acids, lactic acid or malic acid.

3. Aloe vera.   Aloe vera is commonly known as a topical treatment for dry, irritated or sunburned skin. Studies show that it can also provide other health benefits, largely due to its antioxidant properties.  A staple for hydrating skin care products. 

4. Carrier oils.  Carrier oils are your general base oils in products that are considered quite beneficial to everyone – like grapeseed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, etc.  You can’t go wrong with these, and incorporating these oils into your skin care can help significantly reduce dry skin on hands.

5. Glycerin.  While glycerin might seem like a common skin care ingredient, it has many hidden talents.  It creates a much higher level of hydration as an effective humectant and attracts moisturizer and water to the intercellular space of the skin.

6. Vitamin e.  Protects the skin membrane and can prevent the signs aging, an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin, as several studies have supported its prevention of inflammatory damage after UV exposure. 

Our AHA cream with all of these essential ingredients is going to be the perfect choice for keeping hands soft and gently exfoliated:

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dry skin on hands

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We hope this information regarding to dry skin on hands is valuable to you and helps find you comfort.  If you have any questions, please contact us at info@claribelskincare, or click the chat button in the bottom right corner.