Glycolic Acid Cleanser | Upgrade & Improve The Condition of Your Skin

Oh Glycolic Acid Cleanser, I love you, and let me count the ways!  This is formulated to turn your skin around in a number of ways - including combating acne, balancing skin, reducing sun spots and sun damage, minimizing fine lines, and giving skin a firmer tone. 

This is a sensitive skin safe, completely natural option for those looking for a clean list of ingredients.  It's scent is uplifting, with a hint of freshly cut apple and crisp tart cranberries.  

Let's break down the entire ingredients list of our Glycolic Acid Cleanser, in alpha order so that you know exactly what you're getting and how it can benefit you:

Aloe Vera: Pure Aloe Vera Gel is known for its ability to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin and hair. 

Apple Fruit Acid: Our apple fruit acid contains alpha hydroxy acid and malic acid, which promotes smoother, healthier skin, by exfoliating the top layers to reveal fresher skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid: Alpha Hydroxy Acid is an organic acid containing a hydroxyl group that help exfoliate skin and keep pores clear.  

Citric Acid: A gentle acid that is derived from acidic and sour fruits, it is often used as a natural preservative and can help balance skin, as well as gently exfoliate.

Cranberry Seed Oil: Rich in tocopherols and antioxidants. 

Glycolic Acid: Our glycolic acid is of high quality and benefits skin greatly by gently exfoliating layers of the skin to remove hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

Lactic Acid: Our lactic acid is derived from cane and beet sugar and is vegan certified.  This is another excellent natural choice to help exfoliate skin and reduce skin issues.

Fermented Coconut Fruit Natural Preservative:  This is a very mild zero to low irritation preservative that is naturally derived, and will prevent the growth of yeast and mold in products. It's gentle quality makes it appropriate for all skin types.

Lactobacillus Ferment Preservative:  Lactobacillus Ferment acts as a natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial derived from  kimchi and sauerkraut, .

Lecithin:  Our lecithin is vegetable derived and rich in B vitamins. Used as a natural emulsifier, and can fight dry damaged skin as well as treat eczema.

Malic Acid:  Malic Acid is derived from fruits and can improve hyperpigmentation by decreasing the production of melanin.

Sea Kelp Bioferment:  Extracted from kelp leaves and contains many vital nutrients, it is an excellent oil free moisturizer. 

Sea Kelp Extract:  Sea kelp has a high content of vitamins and minerals, and helps invigorate the skin and tissue thereby improving the appearance of wrinkles. The vitamins and minerals nourish and soothe the skin and hair.

Vegetable Castile:  Our castile is vegan derived from coconut and olives, and is a natural ingredient in our cleansers.  It is considered very mild and is free of parabens or sulfates.

Vegetable Glycerin:  A vegetable derived humectant that can restore elasticity and moisture levels.


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