Skin Firming Serum | An Honest Product Review

skin firming serum

Our Skin Firming Serum Has a Stacked Ingredient List for Superior Results

This skin firming serum is one of my most important skin care products.  I love it!  I started purchasing this almost 6 years ago from Jeanette at, when they were on Etsy. 

Claribel lists this product as a natural firming face serum with medically proven active ingredients to firm your skin now and firm you skin over time with accumulative qualities.  That was the key that got me hooked.  Long term care is just as important as immediate gratification – and this serum offers both.    

Personal Profile and Skin Care Story

Hi everyone, I’m Susan Kensington, and I live in sunny Florida.  I’ve lived here most of my life and love the balmy year round weather.  I’m always just a short drive from the beach and there’s nothing better than the smell of the salt sea air.

I’ve worked as a high school advisor in the Tampa area for almost 30 years.  I was worried about “ageism” in my career, but a healthy diet, exercise, a positive attitude and Claribel’s skin firming serum (which I can’t live without), I'm quite sure I'll remain competitive for many more years.

I do wish I would have started caring more about my skin when I was younger, but better late than ever is a motto that I can apply to this instance Now I find myself applying sunscreen and clean skin care products morning, noon, and night. 

I have found that this serum is a great fit for my combination skin.  While I do still suffer from an occasional breakout from time to time, generally my skin is dry around my eyes and gets slightly oily in my T-zone by midafternoon.  This serum does wonders helping to hydrate that area significantly.

There are virtually no firming products on store shelves that actually work, at least in my opinion.  Those ingredients are either chemicals or synthetics.  On the rare occasion a product might show some firming action – which is very rare and hard to find – the results are only temporary.  I cannot apply and don’t want to have to apply a product to my face 24/7 to have decent firming results.  I do not need to do that with this skin firming serum - it's fantastic. The results stay with me all day and then I reapply at night, after cleansing my skin.

This product has a very long list of antioxidants and ingredients that are specifically geared to both firming skin and repairing skin so that it can be firmer again.  You’re hitting all the right marks with peptides, green tea, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and GABA – which is like Botox for your skin.  It’s a proven fact that when your skin absorbs GABA, it causes the muscles to relax and not contract as much.  I love this!  And it’s also great to know that when magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is absorbed into the skin, it turns into vitamin c.  If we want to change our skin, we need vitamin c and antioxidants.

I hope my honest review is helpful to you when looks for the right firming product and the right ingredients.

Product Packaging Description

All of Claribel’s products are packaged in clear glass jars, with classic black pharmacy quality lids.  I immediately appreciated that the containers were clear and I could see exactly what was in the jar.  It's also easy to travel with the convenient sizes that Claribel offers. 

Shipping has always seemed quick and I've never had an issues received any of the dozens of orders I've placed.  Jeanette does have a policy of replacing lost packages, as a courtesy, and I think that's a very kind thing to do.

All of the containers, jars, lids, shipping boxes, paper fill and labels are made from recycled materials and their inks and adhesives are vegan derived. 

skin firming serum

Product Texture, Look, Feel, Smell Description

This face firming serum has a lovely smooth, gel like quality and is very smooth and feels fabulous. You can tell it has a significant amount of hyaluronic acid in it.  I apply this in the morning after cleansing, before I apply cosmetics, and then again in the evening before my night cream.  It is a perfect canvas for makeup application, and it could even pass as a primer since it holds your cosmetic products nicely and provides a natural dewy finish with any residue at all.  My skin completely drinks it up immediately. 

I really love the smell of this face firming serum, which is very faint yet green, if that makes sense.  It has a spring like scent, that conjures images of budding plants and freshly cut grass.  Just love it.  Every time I smell it, it triggers feeling of hope and gratitude for the start of my day.  I realize that might sound corny, but certain scents of products we use can remind us of certain life moments. 

This serum is a staple in my skin care routine and if I had to pick one single product, this would be it.  I love that it doesn’t have any harsh preservative or synthetics.  The 1.3 ounce jar lasts me approximately 35-40 days.  A little goes a long way, since this is highly concentrated (as it’s advertised).

I do like to keep it in a cool, dry place in my home, away from the heat and steam of the bathroom, but I don’t know if that’s a necessity or requirement.  I have heard of other customers keeping it in their refrigerator, which is an excellent idea and one that I plan to try sometime soon. 

Results and Opinion

I’ve purchased this face firming serum dozens of times over the last several years, and I love it so much.  I’ve tried a ton of face firming products and not a single one of them stands up to this one. 

The prices at are extremely reasonable and shipping in the US is free.  Buying from them is a no brainer in that regard.  I can sit in the comfort of my own home, buy some products, get free shipping, and receive them in a few days. 

For new shoppers, you might appreciate knowing that Claribel offers a no hassle refund and return program, so you are most definitely not stuck with anything you might not like.  But you’ll love their products, I guarantee it!

face firming serum

Original Full Product Page Description

Our firming skin serum is stacked with a long list of botanical active ingredients proven to help firm skin now and for the long term.

This is a light, easily absorbed hydrating serum that will bring accumulative firming benefits that can be gained over time with use.    


  • Firm Naturally with Active Ingredients
  • Prevent Future Damage with Antioxidant Rich Ingredients
  • Tone Skin Without Harsh Chemicals or Synthetics


Apply firming skin serum to clean dry skin AM and/or PM. Include eye and chest areas for beneficial results.  

Each product is made fresh the day you order it.

Enjoy free shipping in the US.

Chemical free, synthetic free, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free. Organic and earth derived ingredients. Made with love, one order at a time.


Acer Saccharinum (Organic Sugar Maple) Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Carnosine, Centella Asiatica Extract, Citric Acid, Citrus Auranium Dulcis (Organic Orange) Fruit Extract, Citrus medica limonum (Organic Lemon) Extract, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), Elderberry Extract, GABA, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Protein, L-Carnosine, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Vitamin C), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil, Natural Active Peptides, Niacinamide, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Rose Damascena (Rose) Distillate, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Organic Sugar Cane) Extract, Sea Kelp Bioferment, Salix Alba (White Willowbark) Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Tomato Seed Oil, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Organic Bilberry) Extract, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Organic Cranberry) Extract, Vegan Lecithin, White Lily Extract


I 100% recommend this face firming serum, and know you'll love it as much as I do!  Give it a try, you will not be disappointed and instead completely won over by how wonderful it feels and how effectively it works.

Susan Kensington | High School Advisor, South Florida