Tca Cream Peel: Dramatic & Extraordinary Results For Better Skin

TCA Cream Peel

Our tca cream is the perfect choice for dealing with a variety of skin care concerns.  Our formulation is specifically designed to be effective yet easy to use at home without the need for an esthetician or doctor.  We include a substantial yet safe percentage of TCA and glycolic acid to help you achieve your skin care goals.  Read on to find out how it works and how to use it.

The past few years TCA (trichloroacetic acid) has been more available to the general public, and it's benefits can solve a number of skin care issues.  It can significantly reduce sun spots and discoloration, scarring, acne, and wrinkles. 

TCA can be derived from vinegar and/or acetic acid, which is in turn derived from apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, and strawberries.  Most versions of tca are modified in a lab to ensure stability and high quality.

TCA is considered slightly more aggressive than glycolic acid.  It is considered a medium peel option, as opposed to glycolic acid being light and phenol being deep and rather invasive.

TCA can be used to face tattoos, acne scarring, and reduction/elimination of warts.

TCA peels are great if you hope to even out your skin tone and get rid of imperfections, fine wrinkles, scarring, and imperfections that you've acquired along the way.  AHA peels are considered mild and cannot rid the skin of finer wrinkles, but TCA can.  The results are more noticeable than those of AHA peels, but less dramatic than the results achieved with phenol peels. Recovery time follows the same pattern. It takes longer to recover from a TCA peel than an AHA peel, but much less time than a phenol peel.

Unlike phenol peels, a TCA cream peel can be effective on people with darker skin. They are less likely to leave your skin looking permanently bleached, but don't be over zealous with the strength, as that can cause some discoloration. As far as popularity goes, TCA cream peels are equal to AHA peels. This is largely because the concentration of trichloroacetic acid can be altered to produce results similar to those of both AHA peels and phenol peels.  Even better, the whole procedure requires very little time and you can go about your day without any worry of down time or long recovery.

Our cream is carefully designed to be applied to clean, dry skin, and left on.  You will experience a few minutes of slight tingling and then the acids will complete their process and the strength will be diminished.  Then you skin will be left with the hydrating and healing ingredients in the cream to ensure fast healing and hydration. 

TCA Cream Peel

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