Face Care Night Routine: A Change Making Opportunity

face care night routine

Face Care Night Routine: Why You Need One

Embarking on a new face care night routine can initially seem like a daunting journey. With so many products to choose from, potentially so many steps to add to your already busy day, and so much money - it's no wonder maintaining complicated routines end up being too difficult.

We want to show you just the opposite - how easy it really is and how affordable it can be.

Some face care night routines may only have a couple of steps for some individuals - and there's nothing wrong with that. It depends on your personal needs at a particular time in your life.  And your needs will change, from time to time.  That's okay too.

Your skin may be drier in the winter, so only then, you might want to add a hydration serum or a nourishing oil. Or maybe you find that in the summer your skin seems more irritated and volatile because of the heat, so you then want to include a treatment to help quell inflammation.

Face care night routines are not meant to be completely rigid and non-conforming. They can be as original as you are in this world.  Just as our dietary needs may change from time to time or season to season, it's perfectly acceptable to adjusting our skin care routine as needed.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the actual documented benefits to having a face care night routine, touch on the ingredients that you should consider trying because they’re so awesome, and then we’ll layout the generalized steps in the process of a good, hard working skin care routine for night. (Remember, some steps you’ll skip because you don’t need them, and that’s fine).

Consider our plant based night cream which includes some star quality ingredients you’ll be wanting in your nighttime skin are routine.

Benefits of Having a Face Care Night Routine

It’s a Prime Opportunity to Address Skin Ailments or Issues. Most of us are time constrained in the morning and want to minimize steps in the process of starting our day. Night time is the perfect time to step back in bring in those steps that we now have a few extra minutes to focus on.

Some Ingredients Are Better Performers at Night. Some ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids or stronger retinoids, just do better at night. You can use them during the day with an effective sunscreen, but it’s better to use them at night. They can cause the skin to be more sensitive to UV light and to avoid that altogether, using them in the evening is optimal.

It’s the Self Care You Are Craving and Need. We start our day and go through the day doing things for other people. It can be hours before you acknowledge yourself or look in a mirror. Taking a few minutes at night to reflect on yourself and all of your wonderful qualities, while going through your skin care night routine, it is a great way to reconnect with yourself.

It’s a Way to Create Separation from A Stressful Day. The very action of gently washing away the cares of the day and thoughtfully applying products to your skin can be soothing. It can also be the time when you let go of your day, whatever transpired, and allow yourself the reprieve of night to refill your tank so you’re ready for tomorrow.

Great Face Care Night Routine Ingredients to Try

Alpha Hydroxy Acids. There are a few variations of acids to help you achieve your skin care goals, and different strengths, as well as variations in products to use them. They can be in your cleanser, or your moisturizer, or your treatment. However you decide to try them, one thing is most certain: they benefit pretty much everyone. From acne suffers to those concerned about the signs of aging, alpha hydroxy acids are wonderful for helping fix those issues.

Plant Based Retinol. There are prescription strength retinoids that are harsh and expensive, and then there are optimal plant derived retinoids that are the best choice and virtually beneficial to every skin type. Plant based retinoids are much better for your skin and can be found in a variety of ingredients like sea buckthorn berry oil, carrot seed oil, and rosehip seed oil.

Niacinamide. Niacinamide can most certainly be used in the daytime OR nighttime. Either way you’ll reap great benefits from this active ingredient superstar. The suggestion though to use it at night has a purpose: Niacinamide plays nice with some finicky ingredients at are typically used at night, like retinol, exfoliating acids, or vitamin c.

Neem. Neem oil has been used for centuries by a variety of cultures to promote skin rejuvenation and wound healing, as well as reducing inflammation and acne. Why do we recommend using it at night? It can be a slightly heavier oil, not optimal for day use, and the smell is a bit earthy and probably a better nighttime choice.

Peptides. Another ingredient that can be used during the day OR night, but we’re putting it on the nighttime list because the daytime routine list (as we mentioned) can be short and rushed, so taking a moment to include peptides at night is a highly beneficial move.

Resveratrol. Once again, another ingredient that can be used in the daytime as well as at nighttime, but here’s a key point in including it in your nighttime skin care routine: Your body is already going to be in repair mode at night. Adding resveratrol, an antioxidant, at night will help maximize that process.

Steps in the Process of a Face Care Night Routine

Below we’ve included an infographic to help you visualize the steps to your skin care routine for night. Just do the steps you feel you need, and feel free to change it up as the seasons change or your move on to another stage in your life:

face care night routine

Consider our plant based night cream which includes some star quality ingredients you’ll be wanting in your nighttime skin are routine: 


It can seem like there are many steps to a skin care routine for night, but to simplify it for yourself, just stick to the steps you actually feel like you need. Not everyone wants a toner, or a facial oil.

As our needs change, from time to time, season to season - be aware of those potential changes and you'll stay on top of your present needs.

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