Herbal Skin Care ৹ 11 Reasons Why It's a Better Choice

herbal skin care

Herbal Skin Care ৹ 11 Reasons Why It's a Better Choice

Herbal skin care is sometimes referred to as “cosmeceuticals”, which sounds like a fancy medical term, but make no mistake, these kinds of products have an exceptionally long, reliable (and sometimes humble) history.

Herbal ingredients have been used for skin care for literally thousands of years, all through history.

With rising concern about chemicals and additives in our beauty products, herbal skin care has become the new rage. These products are made from natural ingredients, instead of artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. They are also free of parabens and sulfates, which have been shown to be harmful to the skin.

Herbal skin care products not only feel great but are also better for your skin because these products are not only chemical-free but also packed with antioxidants that help fight damage caused by free radicals.

Our firming skin serum is the perfect example of how herbal ingredients can truly transform the look and feel of your skin.

Here’s 11 fantastic reasons why you should switch to herbal skin care products:

Herbal Skin Care Products ৹ 11 Reasons Why They're are Better


Clean and green beauty has been a growing topic for years now, and it’s here to stay. Individuals are learnings about all of the ingredients to avoid (like parabens and sulfates), and they’re learning what natural ingredients are good for their needs. With thousands of plant derived ingredients to choose from, you can really focus in on those that are meant to help alleviate acne, aging, discoloration, firming and toning, etc.


Our first point brings us to this one: Herbal skin care products contain 90-100% in active ingredients and therefore will contain so many more of the botanical extracts and derivatives that we long to have in our natural skin care products. That reason alone is enough to stick to natural products versus artificial products.


When you have such a proven higher percentage of plant based ingredients, they are going to do more magic for your skin and be more effective. Many of the fillers and synthetics that non-natural product manufacturers are just downright pointless, and do not provide any true benefit to improving your skin. In fact, it’s almost 100% certain that fillers and synthetics sole purpose is to provide a certain “feel” to a product or extend the shelf life of a product – and that’s it.


What you put on your skin is important to your health. The truth is, some chemicals found in skin care products can be absorbed to your bloodstream. Many studies proved that artificial ingredients can cause the health issues including skin allergic, hormones disruption and even cancer.


Did you think that synthetics on beauty product have a harmful to only your health? It not only adversely affects your skin, but it also affects the planet. Not only are the ingredients bad for the environment, but the packaging (if it’s not recycled or recyclable) will end up in a landfill. These unnatural skin care ingredients can pollute our water, affect the reproductive health of the fish population, and provide unhealthy drinking water for animals.

As these ingredients they get washed into our lakes, rivers and streams, the marine environment is badly disrupted and unhealthy. Choose natural skin care products and love yourself as well as love the environment.

Our firming skin serum is the perfect example of how herbal ingredients can truly transform the look and feel of your skin.


Using products with naturally grown ingredients is a great way to support communities around the world, helping them sustain their families, schools, churches, etc. It’s essential for communities to be able to sustain themselves, and their families, while providing naturally sourced ingredients to their surroundings and the world.


It’s much easier to comprehend and identify a natural ingredient, based on its name, versus the task of trying to understand what a chemical, synthetic, or filler ingredient can do for our face or body. As noted above, most chemicals, synthetics, or fillers are primarily meant to alter the “feel” of a product, not offer a problem solving response.

When we read the ingredients list of a natural skin care product, we can learn about each of these ingredients. Where are they from? How are they generally harvested? What ways do they help skin and our bodies? These are all questions we can research, and find meaningful answers, but when it comes to the chemical ingredients – we already know the end result. It’s created in a lab, made from synthetic components, and will not treat your skin as kindly as a natural ingredient will.


The relationship between nature and humans is extremely important, and that shows based on our practices over the centuries, when it comes to using plant life in our lives for health and well being. Many traditional remedies are still a part of our modern knowledge of science, and many of the uses for plant is still a valid way to address health concerns today. Now though, they aren’t just referred to as “old wives tales”, but can be backed up by science data and studies that show those plants truly do perform certain functions that are beneficial to us.


Conventional skin care companies often promote products that contain hype ingredients will charge accordingly. The old adage is true: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and if it sounds too good to be true, you’ll be charged a lot to have access to that product or ingredient.


In the past, if you purchased a body cream, with conventional ingredients, you would be advised to not use it on your face, because some of those ingredients can be non-comedogenic or worse, too harsh. But if you are using a natural night cream on your face, with natural wholesome ingredients, then you quite certainly could use it in other areas that might be tender or sensitive – for example around your eyes, or lips, chest area, or anywhere else on your body for that matter. If there are parts of your body that tend to be sensitive, using a natural product in those areas is going to be a smart choice compared to using a product chock full of chemicals and synthetics that can irritate or see too harsh for those sensitive areas.


It’s a medically proven fact that oils and butters made from plants like avocado, mango, cocoa, or almond (just to name a few) are going to be more healing and nourishing versus their synthetic chemically derived counterparts – petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, etc. Those non-plant derived ingredients just do not offer the same kind of healing qualities that natural choices can offer your skin.

Unique Herbal Skin Care Ingredients to Try

Quinoa Extract: Naturally derived and used to help increase hydration, soften skin and hair. Because Quinoa is rich in Vitamin B, it helps brighten and enhance your skin. It also adds texture to your skin and rejuvenates it making your skin richer and more vibrant. Its high levels of riboflavin gives elasticity to your skin for softness and resiliency.

Marshmallow Root: The plant is well-known for its anti-irritant, soothing and emollient properties. Rich in vitamins (A, C, E and B complex).

Zinc: Zinc is not a new skin care ingredient, or that unique, but it isn't one that skin care experts talk as much about as the popular anti aging ingredients that gain more attention. Zinc is a mineral that can help control acne and can decrease oil production in the skin, as well as protect against bacterial infection and inflammation. Zinc also provides UV protection, a key ingredient in many sunscreens on the market.

Dandelion: Research indicates that dandelion extract may reduce skin inflammation and irritation while also increasing hydration and collagen production. This may be useful in preventing and treating certain types of acne.

Soy: A natural, potent antioxidant, restoring, and soothing agent for skin that is derived from soybeans. Soy extract also has research showing it can improve the look of an uneven skin tone and visible signs of aging due to years of environmental exposure.

Caffeine: When applied topically through masks and other skin care treatments, constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce inflammation and puffiness. It also tightens and brightens the skin, reducing wrinkles.

Our firming skin serum is the perfect example of how herbal ingredients can truly transform the look and feel of your skin:


There’s no doubt that using herbal skin care is not only more wholesome and healthier, but the self satisfaction of using something pure and plant derived adds to the indulgent self care factor. If you can replace a mass produced store shelf product with something more herbal derived, it’s a sure bet you’ll enjoy it ten times more.

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