Organic Vegan Skincare: Why It's Better for You

organic vegan skincare

Organic Vegan Skincare: The Best Option for Your Skin

‍The world of beauty products is changing fast. Today, more and more people are ditching conventional beauty products in favor of organic vegan skincare. And the demand for vegan skincare hasn’t been left behind. In fact, the demand is growing rapidly.

Veganism is a way of living that rejects all animal products—including honey, eggs, and leather—and also avoids using products that are tested on animals. Because of their ethical standpoint and personal principles, most vegans will not use any skincare product that contains any animal-derived ingredients or has been tested on animals.

Even though it may seem like a challenge to find vegan beauty products you can trust, there are plenty of options out there.

There are many reasons why people choose to live a vegan lifestyle when it comes to beauty products and why choosing them as your primary option is beneficial for your skin.

Our multi corrective eye cream is a great start to organic vegan skincare products, and you'll notice the improvement right away.

Health Benefits of Organic Vegan Skincare

There are plenty of benefits to be derived from choosing vegan skincare for your daily beauty regimen. First of all, vegan skincare products are typically free of harmful chemicals that may cause irritation, breakouts, and damage your skin in the long term. Most companies that specialize in vegan skincare products are quite attune to healthier, natural ingredients and materials, and it’s highly unlikely they’re going to use ingredients that may contain harmful chemicals. Let’s also be fair to say that not every single chemical is harmful.

Many mainstream skincare products on big store shelves will probably contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and synthetic fragrances that can be bad for your health and even lead to an increased risk of cancer. Plus, animal-derived ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, honey, gelatin (peel off masks) and fish scales are often found in conventional skincare products.

That’s why many vegans choose to avoid these products altogether and use only vegan skincare. Vegans also choose to use vegan skincare products because they are cruelty-free. This means that they are free of animal testing and animal-derived ingredients.

While this is true for many conventional skincare products as well, there are some brands that still use some sort of animal testing, even if only for the formulation of the product. That’s why being certain that the products you are using are vegan can only be a good thing for your health.

Why is Organic Vegan Skincare Important?

Organic vegan skincare products are free of harmful chemical additives and are, therefore, much healthier for your skin than conventional products.

In fact, many people notice an improvement in their skin’s texture, tone, and appearance when they switch to using organic skincare. The difference is often visible after just a few weeks of consistent use, which is one of the reasons why many people prefer vegan skincare to conventional products. Switching to vegan skincare can also be good for your wallet.

Even though organic products are usually more expensive than their conventional counterparts, they are usually long-lasting and worth the investment. And, what’s more, they are not only better for your health but also great for the planet. Most organic skincare products are made with eco-friendly materials and are not tested on animals, which means that they are better for the environment as well.

The Problem with Conventional Beauty Products

Organic, vegan skincare products are better for your health. But why should it matter to you? After all, beauty products are meant to make you look good, not to be good for your health.

But conventional beauty products often contain harmful ingredients that can cause long-term damage to your skin. And what’s more, many of them are also harmful to the environment.

Many conventional beauty products are made with synthetic chemicals that can be harmful for your health.

Some of these chemicals have even been linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancers. One of the most common ingredients found in beauty products is parabens, which are used as preservatives in many skincare and beauty products.

A study found that parabens can be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Unfortunately, many other harmful ingredients can also be found in conventional beauty products, including sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes.

Our multi corrective eye cream is a great start to organic vegan skincare products, and you'll notice the improvement right away.

6 Organic Vegan Ingredients to Try

Organic vegan skincare products are usually made with organic ingredients that are gentle on your skin. But you can make sure that the product you’re using is vegan by checking its ingredients list. Here are some interesting options you’ll want to try.

Carrot Seed Oil: This oil is extracted from seeds and is quite rich in vitamins A and E, which are great for your skin.

Squalene:  The squalane we use is derived from olives and has valuable anti inflammatory abilities as well as a light weight feel on the skin. Since it doesn't clog pores, this makes it an ideal choice for all skin types.  

Collagen: Our collagen is derived from vegetables and studies show that vegan derived collagen is just as effective as animal based collagen, and can increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Lactic Acid: Our lactic acid is made from cane and beet sugar and is vegan certified.  Lactic acid is great for skin discoloration and uneven skin tone and is considered a bit milder than other acids.

Green Tea: This delicious tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is great for your skin because it is packed with antioxidants. Can decrease the risk of skin cancer and alleviates water retention in skin. It's great for firming and toning.

Melatonin: Improves skin elasticity, improves pigmentation, and protects against solar radiation.  We derive our melatonin from mushrooms and beans.

Mushroom Extract: Studies show that mushroom extract increased cell turnover significantly, improved hydration levels, increased firmness, and fine lines were reduced as well. Melatonin can also help suppress UV damage to skin and cells, while also working as an antioxidant, meaning it can protect cell DNA from damage that could be caused by free radicals.

Our multi corrective eye cream is a great start to organic vegan skincare products, and you'll notice the improvement right away:


Organic vegan skincare products are better for your health. They are also better for the environment. By choosing vegan skincare products, you can avoid harmful chemicals, improve your skin’s appearance, and help protect the environment at the same time. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the ingredients in your skincare products and choose only vegan skincare.


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