Brightening Skin Care ৹ Effective Natural Solutions

brightening skin care

Brightening Skin Care ৹ Effective Natural Solutions

Hoping to avoid chemicals and synthetics but want to safely navigate a brightening skin care plan? You’ve come to the right place for clear answers that are backed by medical studies and research.

There are a few different ways and steps you can take to naturally brighten skin and eliminate skin discoloration.  You can incorporate some home remedies, while using some products that contain the natural clinically proven ingredients to help you reach your skin care goals. 

Our Brightening and Discoloration Correction Face Cream s an excellent option for brightening skin and fading sun damage.

Almost every human over the age of 20 has some degree of sun damage to their skin.

Sun damage can leave unpleasant sunspots, discoloration, dark patches, and uneven skin tone.

Naturally brightening skin should not be a practice of trying to change your appearance so much that you are many shades lighter that the beautiful skin you were born with. Instead, natural skin lightening can help us eliminate the spots and marks that we acquire over time.

Sometimes scarring can leave skin discolored as well. This too can be eliminated with natural ingredients. Acne scarring is quite common and any of us who have had breakouts can attest to having residual discoloration even after the acne breakout is long gone.

Think of how much happier you’d be if you felt more confident and could forgo foundation and concealer or at least minimize your need for it.

Your cosmetic routine would be much easier and as far as skin goes, nothing is more beautiful than healthy looking bare skin in every color.

Men and women can agree, there's nothing more encouraging than feeling good about making a memorable first impression.

Natural Skin Brightening is the Safest Choice

You can accomplish natural skin brightening in a variety of ways, with some options that include simple ingredients that you might have in your own home. There are techniques and ingredients that you can incorporate at every phase of your skin care routine – cleansing, toning, scrubs, masks, moisturizers and treatments.

Most people will say that it’s best to address this issue in a natural way. Harsh prescriptions are expensive, and synthetic chemicals can bring problems of their own. Many times individuals attempt to lighten skin with strong chemicals only to find out they've damaged their skin further.

There are a variety of reasons your skin might have some discoloration. Perhaps it could be some damage from long term eczema, or the effects of medication, or the result of an illness that has passed now leaving you with some dark areas or spots you’d like to get rid of.

While a dermatologist will most likely recommend a prescription and/or a strong chemical peel that results in down time and a long healing period, all of these suggestions have side effects and can leave you with an expensive bill.

Other areas to consider beyond just your facial skin: Neck, chest, and the back of your hands. Certainly, these areas collect an equal amount of discoloration and sun damage as your face will, and many people forget to pay attention to these areas. As with any skin care products that you are fond of, I often recommend that people use those also on backs of hands, neck and upper chest to help create a more consistent overall skin tone and appearance.

Natural Home Remedies to Brighten Skin

Let’s start with a list of home remedies, as these are suggestions you could try as soon as today if you have these particular ingredients handy. As simple as these may seem, each suggestion can offer some real results.

These home remedies for natural skin brightening will also include ingredients that can gently peel and exfoliate the skin. This will save you the added expense of a doctor visit and expensive prescriptions. Most recommended prescription creams can cost more than $500 and most elective cosmetic treatments are probably not covered by insurance.

Natural home remedies are an easy way to go to make an immediate yet subtle difference. Continued use can make an impact on your skin lightening efforts. Many of the suggestions below include a mask or scrub recipe/combination for superior effectiveness.

Plain Yogurt: Yogurt contains lactic acid, and lactic acid in natural, plain unsweetened yogurt will help exfoliate the top layer(s) of the skin, which will cause spots and discoloration to be smaller and less prominent. Apply this to clean dry skin and leave on for about 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly and gently go over your skin with a wash cloth to remove softened dead skin. If you're vegan this isn't an option you'd want to consider.

Milk: Same concept as with plain yogurt, the lactic acid in milk will help exfoliate skin leaving it looking brighter, less damaged, and therefore subtly lighter. Same as with the yogurt, leave on skin for about 10 minutes and then rinse away. Go over your skin with a washcloth or exfoliation tool to help remove any traces of dead skin.  As with the yogurt, if you are vegan, this might not be an option you'd want to consider.

Fresh Lemon: It's best to use fresh lemon. Bottled lemon juice may contain chemicals and preservatives you'd like to avoid. The acidity in the lemon and the vitamin c will do wonders for natural skin brightening. Slice lemon and apply to clean dry skin. As with the yogurt and milk, leave on skin for several minutes and then rinse away with clean water.

Sugar: Sugar is a great and simple choice for an exfoliant and the natural glycolic acid that occurs will help your efforts to naturally lighten and brighten skin in a subtle way. Consider mixing sugar with a little fresh lemon juice or yogurt and gently use to scrub skin for a few minutes. Rinse away and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Salt: As with sugar, salt is a great choice for a natural exfoliant. If you happen to have Epsom or Himalayan salt at home, these are superior choices based on their mineral contents and nutrients. Make a paste of salt and milk or yogurt and apply to skin, using this as a scrub to effectively and naturally brighten skin. Rinse away thoroughly.

Fresh papaya: Fresh papaya is an excellent choice for a natural skin treatment. It encourages the production of collagen, contains natural enzymes for exfoliation, and is high in vitamin c – always a very attractive nutrient for skin. Apply crushed fresh papaya to clean dry skin as a mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat a few times throughout the week to help you brighten skin and fade sun damage.

Fresh pineapple: As with fresh papaya – fresh pineapple is an optimum choice as it also contains enzymes to slough off dead skin and it’s very high in vitamin c. Apply freshly crushed pineapple to clean dry skin as a mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse away.

The following are the very best in effective active ingredients that can be found in our natural skin brightening and lightening products. Keep an eye out for these ingredients when researching ingredients as you determine the best product choices for your skin care needs:

Top Natural Skin Brightening Ingredients

Alpha Arbutin: Alpha Arbutin is derived from the Bearberry plant and is a great natural alternative to skin brightening. While it is natural, it can be faster and safer than chemical alternatives. Arbutin will correct sunspots and discoloration.

Lemon Peel Bioferment: Naturally derived and a great skin brightener, it will reduce sunspots and pigmentation issues. Also great for stimulating circulation and brightening the skin.

Kojic Acid: Kojic acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice. It is a mild inhibitor of the formation of pigmentation, induces skin brightening, and the fading of sun and liver spots.

Elder Flower / Elberberry: Excellent for brightening skin and has calming properties for irritated skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and can stimulate skin to turn over skin cells faster, hence revealing healthier looking skin.

Licorice Root: Licorice Root or Licorice Extract can help eliminate the formation of hyperpigmentation and sunspots, as well as act as an anti-inflammatory for stressed and irritated skin.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has shown to brighten skin and fade sunspots in clinical studies. Vitamin C will oxidize if exposed over time to sun and air, so use it fresh the reap the benefits.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: Also known as MAP, it is naturally derived and also known as the “vitamin c that doesn’t degrade” as mentioned above when describing vitamin c. While Vitamin c is one of the best choices for your skin brightening efforts, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate does not oxidize over time and turns into ascorbic acid when it hits your skin. It has been proven to lighten and brighten skin very effectively.

Our Brightening and Discoloration Correction Face Cream s an excellent option for brightening skin and fading sun damage.


There are some amazing ingredients to help us naturally lighten and brighten our skin without chemicals or harsh synthetics. Doing a little research will take you far on your journey to brighter skin with less sun spots and accumulative discoloration.
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