Alpha Arbutin Benefits | 8 Reasons Why We Love It

alpha arbutin benefits

Alpha Arbutin Benefits: 8 Reasons Why It Can Help Turn Your Skin Around 

For those of you who have accumulated some sun spots over the years, sun damage, scarring from acne, or a build up of discoloration over time (which is most of us), read on to find out how alpha arbutin benefits can make a significant improvement.

Many would consider wrinkles the number one concern when it comes to skin issues, but the general consensus have proven that an uneven skin tone and discoloration have earned the top spot of skin issues people would like to change.  Most chemicals will be drying, as well as potentially unsafe, but alpha arbutin has proven to be safe and suitable for all skin types. 

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Alpha arbutin is a molecule extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the formation of melanin.  By almost all accounts, it is considered very safe and has been proven in clinical studies to prevent the formation of melanin and lighten the skin.  This is great news for those who not only wish to improve their skin and eliminate pigmentation issues, but continual use will also prevent built up of pigmentation caused by sun damage and aging. 

Alpha arbutin is dubbed as the safe alternative to hydroquinone, and is a valuable antioxidant that benefits skin greatly.  There are no medical studies to support any notable side effects per recording via NCBI.   

It's also important to note, that there is a distinct difference between alpha arbutin and another ingredient called beta-arbutin.  While they do sound similar, beta-arbutin is a cheap version and not a stable choice in skin care products. 

Arbutin is used in skin lightening treatments designed for long term and regular use. An active agent in brands of skin lightening preparations, it is more expensive than traditional skin lightening ingredients like hydroquinone, which is now banned in many countries. In vitro studies of human melanocytes exposed to arbutin at concentrations below 300 μg/mL reported decreased tyrosinase activity and melanin content with little evidence of cytotoxicity.

There are several significant studies that show alpha arbutin works very well and is a worthwhile alternative to harsh and synthetic skin lightening ingredients.

How Does Alpha Arbutin Work?

Alpha arbutin is a choice brightening ingredient because it's a derivative of hydroquinone, one of the most effective skin-lightening and spot-fading actives out there. While hydroquinone is great at gradually fading dark spots, it has a safety profile that's a little, well, questionable.

Here's the reality: hydroquinone can be toxic to living cells and has the potential for side effects such as ochornosis (a bluish-black discoloration of the skin tissue) as well as irritation. It's why you can only use the ingredient for a few months at a time, and also why it's been banned entirely in the E.U. and Japan.

But back to alpha arbutin: It works by slowly releasing hydroquinone over time, inhibiting tyrosinase, the key enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, or pigment, in the skin.  In other words, less tyrosinase means less pigment, which means less discoloration and fewer unwanted dark spots. And, along with its excellent brightening abilities, alpha arbutin is also known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Now, I know what you're thinking: If alpha arbutin releases hydroquinone, doesn't it have the same type of side effects? The short answer is no. "Because the hydroquinone is being released slowly, the skin isn't exposed to much at all, siginificantly reducing any side effects.

In general, arbutin doesn't have the toxicity that hydroquinone has. That's why you can use it consistently without having to take break. 


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5 Tips to Using Alpha Arbutin on Skin

ONE. You can use it twice a day, but be careful.  It can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so be sure to use a sunscreen. 

TWO. It takes time to show results.  It can take a few weeks to see significant improvement on skin discoloration, depending on the severity of it.

THREE. Once the discoloration on your skin has been made, those changes are permanent unless you recreate those spots and discoloration with more sun exposure.

FOUR. It's not recommended to use as a spot treatment.  It's better to use all over an area (face, portion of your hand, chest area, etc.) to ensure that you get a more even lighter tone all over

FIVE. Alpha arbutin is safe for all skin types. This is great news for people with sensitive skin or acneic skin.  It's gentle and is not known to cause irritation.

    8 Alpha Arbutin Benefits for Skin  

    alpha arbutin benefits


    ONE.  Corrects Uneven Skin Tone.  One of the top alpha arbutin benefits is it's ability to fade sun spots and discoloration.  We can all accumulate those things over time, and it's almost impossible to avoid all sun exposure.

    TWO. Offers Some Sun Protection.  To a small degree alpha arbutin can offer some sun protection, since it helps block the production of tyrosinase.  

    THREE. Fades Acne Scars.  Many times, acne scars can be a different color that our natural skin color, and this can make us feel self conscious.  Alpha arbutin can help correct the discoloration in acne scars.

    FOUR. Safe for All Skin Types.  Virtually everyone can enjoy alpha arbutin benefits for the skin, since it does not typically cause any irritation.

    FIVE. Can be Used Twice a Day.  There's no worry when using alpha arbutin daily, or even twice a day. You can achieve your skin care goals at a nice pace if you choose to use it AM and PM.

    SIX. Safer Than Hydroquinone.  It's true that hydroquinone used to be considered a very important skin care ingredients for fading discoloration, but once it was discovered that it could cause cancer, it was no longer permitted in many parts of the world.  Stick to alpha arbutin and you'll see a more even skin tone without the harsh after effects.

    SEVEN. Skin Brightening Abilities.  Not everyone has sun spots or scarring.  With that being said, alpha arbutin is an excellent choice for making skin look brighter and more vibrant.  Everyone can certainly benefit from that.  

    EIGHT. Safe to Use with Other Products.  Studies show that it's perfectly safe to use alpha arbutin with other skin care active ingredients  If you're not sure your skin will agree with your plan, do a patch test of the products to make sure it's a good fit for you.

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    alpha arbutin benefits

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    Apply skin lightening face cream to clean, dry skin AM and/or PM.


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    Alpha arbutin benefits for skin are significant and well worth the effort in adding to your skin care routine.  It's a great choice for eliminating sun spots and hyperpigmentation, and it's safe for everyone.