Vitamin E for Skin Benefits: 8 Ways It Can Help Your Skin

vitamin e for skin benefits

The are 8 Fantastic Benefits to Vitamin E for Your Skin

It’s been well established that vitamin e is great for all skin types, for a variety of reasons. We’ve known this for decades, and as being a sun worshipper from the 80’s, I’ll stress that we relied on it to cover a multitude of sins (excessive sun, drinking, smoking, bad eating, etc.). A good dose and layer of vitamin e and we looked and felt the repairing effects almost immediately.

Even after decades of sun protection and the growth of conscientious skin care, vitamin e has not lost its luster for skin rejuvenation and benefits, and still remains extremely important for skin health today.

Vitamin e is an anti-oxidant that is offered typically in an oil based form and can benefit the skin when used topically.

Our Intense Hydration Face Cream includes vitamin e as well as a multitude of other complimentary and important ingredients to give your skin the healthy boost its longing for.

8 Vitamin E Benefits for Skin

Helps Prevent Blackheads. Vitamin e reduces the oxidation of sebum on our skin, helping minimize the process of it turning a dark color and clogging pores.

Can Help Boost Sun Protection. When combined with ingredients that contain vitamin c and topped with a layer of sunscreen, it can increase sun protection four times.

Helps Preserve Your Skin’s Protective Barrier. Vitamin e can help keep your lipid barrier hydrated and keep it sealed up with a protective barrier. This is super important when you want to protect your skin from environmental effects.

Provides Antioxidant Benefits. Vitamin e helps neutralize free radicals and give skin the power it needs to fight the effects of pollution, sun, and all things related to the environment.

Gives Longer Lasting Moisture Protection. Vitamin e helps fill the tiny cracks in our skin, which with very close inspection, is not a truly even surface with microscopic valleys that are quite hard to see with the naked eye. The inclusion of Vitamin e will help seal up your skin and add more moisturize, which is something we all can benefit from regardless of your age or skin type.

Helps Heal Wounds. Some clinical trials have shown that using vitamin e topically can help reduce skin surface oxidative stress and therefore speeds up healing time.

Relieves Eczema and Psoriasis. Skin care studies have shown that using vitamin e can reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, and is even safe for sensitive skin. Zero individuals in these studies showed any indication of irritation when used properly.

Treats Fine Lines and Scarring. Including vitamin e in your skin care routine is essential for the reduction, preventing, and correction of fine lines and scarring.

Tips on How to Use Vitamin E Topically

ONE. Use at night or with a sunscreen during the day. Vitamin e loses it’s stability when exposed to UV light, so it’s best to use in the evening or with a layer of sunscreen on top if you’re using it during the day. It’s most handy when a product includes UV protection and vitamin e, that way you’re covering your bases without the extra step.

TWO. A little goes a long way. Too much vitamin e can be toxic, so a small percentage is the right strategy. There are many products on the market that contain the proper amount (see below), and a few drop can be added to your favorite lotion, cream or cleanser, as a DIY strategy.

THREE. A small amount will ensure clear pores. Vitamin e is usually in the form of a thick oil, and there may be some concerns with pore blockage if it’s applied directly to the skin, so it’s best to find a product with a small amount of vitamin e to reap it’s significant benefits.

Our Intense Hydration Face Cream includes vitamin e as well as a multitude of other complimentary and important ingredients to give your skin the healthy boost its longing for:


We like to include vitamin e in many of our products, and for good reason. Its benefits make it a top skin care ingredient on the market. While it’s been around a while and might not seem as sexy as some newer ingredient on the market, rest assured that including it in your skin care routine is essential and offers great improvement.

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