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Claribel Skincare: What Makes Us Better Than Our Competitors?

There are many reasons why we are quite different than our competitors, and those reasons solidify why our products are in fact better. Here are a few things you can be sure of when shopping at

  • Shipping is free in the US, regardless of the size of your order. Free shipping makes for easy, painless shopping.
  • We can guarantee that we don't use any chemicals or synthetics, and that our products are cruelty free, as well as entirely plant and earth derived.
  • We've priced out products to be attainable and fair for everyone regardless of your income.
  • We offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase. This makes shopping online pain free when you're trying new products.
  • All of the materials we use, including our packaging, labels and inks are earth friendly and eco-cert.

How it All Started

In 2011 we noticed the false dynamic that was happening in stores with skincare: Products were being touted as natural, or extremely effective because they included an important active ingredient, but they also included harsh chemicals and synthetics. So basically any good ingredients they included were negated by the bad ingredients.

Another thing that was happening, was that if an active ingredient was included, it was being included at such small trace amounts that it wouldn't make much of a different anyway, even as it competed against the chemicals and synthetics being included.

Our team devised formulations that were completely plant and earth derived, minus any chemicals or synthetics that could potentially be harmful. We incorporated eco-friendly preservatives and natural scents from plants, trees, and flowers.

The reality is that plant and earth derived ingredients are just as effective if not more so, than chemicals and synthetics, and they're so much better for your skin, body, and the earth.

Many plant derived ingredients are layered with a variety attractive qualities - and not just one specific benefit. They can serve as an effective remedy for a variety of skincare needs, and they can smell fantastic (which is always an added bonus).

Earth Derived and Giving Back

We have been passionate about giving back since the very beginning. We spend a considerable amount of time behind the scenes providing meals for homeless outreach around the country. We wanted to not only nourish your skin, but help nourish people in need who needed a little help along the way.

We've been actively participating in homeless outreach in cities like Indianapolis, Atlanta, Tampa, Ohio and Michigan.

Last year we also partnered with is a fantastic organization that planted over 40,000,000 in 47 countries last year.

It's always a great feeling to give back.

Stacking Ingredients for Better Results

Another thing we found to be quite a turn off years ago, was that big name skin care companies would feature an important active ingredient in a product, but not included others in that formulation, only to offer a different product with another important active ingredient - all the while still including harsh chemicals, preservatives, and chemicals - making all of the potential benefits to having that one great active ingredients minimized by the potential damage therein.

Our products contains many active ingredients, all working well together, in percentages that really make a difference, and we don't charge an enormous amount of money for this benefits.

Our prices remain competitive and comfortable for everyone.


There's a lot of benefits by using our products, as you can see, we guarantee it. Sign up for our periodic emails so you never miss a sale, special offer, or freebie.

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