Eyelash Loss: Tips for Prevention

eyelash loss

You Can Prevent Eyelash Loss

It can be quite worrisome when we experience eyelash loss, and we immediately think "What have I done wrong?" or "What is wrong with me?".

Rest assured, it's usually not anything to worry about and typically it can be easily remedied with some simple steps and changes.

Our obsession with eyelashes has been a long and ongoing journey. In Egyptian times, both men and women used black earth derived ingredients like coal and alligator dung to darken their own lashes. And in ancient Rome, women used coal and burnt cork to darken their own lashes. In the mid 1500’s to early 1600’s, ladies actually darkened their lashes with red – usually crushed berries mixed with soot from fireplaces. What this a hat tip to red headed Queen Elizabeth I? Quick certainly it was.

The topic of eyelashes falling out became quite popular when the implementation of eyelash extensions came onto the scene. All of that glue ended up being a very damaging ingredient for our natural lash growth. Read on for other culprits and some very important solutions.

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Eyelash Loss: What Could be the Reasons?

You’re Tugging at, Pulling, or Touching Your Eyelashes Too Much. It can be a bad habit, and perhaps something you do without realizing it. Touching your eyes, pulling or tugging at eyelashes, and touching them can bring in bacteria and inhibit growth.

Your Mascara is Harming Your Eyelash Growth. Most mascaras on the market contain chemicals – many of which are quite harsh and harmful. If you’ve ever applied mascara and it made your eyes water, there’s proof. Finding a natural mascara on the market, as shown in the infographic below, can significantly help your eyelash growth healthy and long.

eyelash loss

Your Hormones are Having a Tantrum. Our hormones control a lot of what is going on in our bodies. Our metabolism, our adrenals, our moods, and they way our hair grows (or doesn’t grow as we’d like). Speaking to a doctor or making some healthy lifestyle changes can positively impact your eyelash growth and prevent further eyelash fall out.

You Might Have an Eye Infection. Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the eyelid, which can interrupt healthy eyelash growth. Other infections might be styes, or pink eye – both which can hinder eyelash growth and cause damage to existing eyelashes during the infected time period. Keep an eye (no pun intended) out for those kinds of infections and try an over the counter remedy, many of which are available now.

You’re Lacking Key Nutrients. As noted below, eating the right kinds of foods can directly effect the quality of eyelash growth you have, as well as hair growth and skin condition. Eating a minimum of processed foods and sugar will do wonders for eyelash growth. My rule of thumb has always been: avoid foods in a box or a bag. They are generally heavily processed and filled with processed ingredients.

You’re Not Removing Your Makeup. It can really be a pain, and we’re never in the mood at night, but it’s imperative that you remove your eye makeup and cosmetics before going to sleep. This action is a huge benefit to allowing your lashes to grow as they normally would in their natural growth cycle, and the removal of cosmetics can give your hair follicles the rest period they really need to be healthy and functional.

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Your Eyelash Curler is Damaging Your Lashes. Eyelash curlers are designed to curve your lashes upward by applying a significant amount of pressure. When you clamp your delicate eyelashes inside of a vice, there’s going to be some damage eventually. It’s better to avoid this tool altogether.

You’re Eyelash Extensions Have Taken a Toll on Your Lashes. Those lash extension might look great, but the glue and the process of glue removal is extremely harsh on eyelashes. Besides, there are so many mascaras on the market now with lash fibers and the ability to build your lashes out, there’s really no need for eyelash extensions. Lastly, they’re very expensive. Why spend that much to damage the eyelashes you already have?

eyelash loss

Natural Ways to Stop Your Eyelashes from Falling Out

Actually Consider Ditching the Eyelash Curler. Eyelash curlers, regardless of how cushioned they are, or how many times an expert tells you to squeeze gently – have the capacity to damage, bend, and break eyelashes. Moving on from an eyelash curler for at least a little while will give them a break to resume healthier growth.

Invest in a Lash Growth and Conditioning product. Our Lash and Brow Growth Serum is chock full of very important hair growth ingredients and nutrients. It has a five star rating:

Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Nutrients. There are some important foods to consider when you’re aiming for better eyelash growth and hair growth: mushrooms, salmon, eggs, nuts, and beans, just to name a few. Bring those into your weekly meal plan and you’ll see healthier eyelash growth in no time.

Use an Organic and Clean Ingredient Mascara. There are some very high quality organic and clean ingredient mascaras on the market:

Give Your Lashes a Coconut Oil and/or Castor Oil Treatment. Applying coconut oil and or castor oil directly to your lashes and eyelids, you can give them a true boost of health benefits. Not only will you be infusing your hair follicles with nutrients and happy hair growth ingredients, but you’ll be reducing the inflammation in your hair follicles, reducing bacteria (because coconut oil is anti-bacterial), and conditioning them with fantastic hydration.

Our Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum is exactly what you're looking for when it comes to wanting a natural, organic, cruelty free and affordable lash growth product:


It can be very worrisome, and even a reflection of our overall health, but when your eyelashes are falling out, you have viable options to help correct this problem naturally and effectively with minimal cost or effort.

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