Eyelash Growth Cycle: What You Should Know

eyelash growth cycle

Eyelash Growth Cycle: What You Should Know

Eyelash growth is a process that takes time, patience, and maintenance. Even with the best products and practices, your lashes might not grow as quickly as you’d like. To get the thick, luscious eyelashes you desire, you need to understand their growth cycle first. With so many variations of eyelash growth serums on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right product for your needs. However, by understanding how your lashes grow in the first place and the eyelash growth cycle, you can make an informed decision about which products work best for you and how frequently you should use them. The eyelash growth cycle has four phases:

The Anagen Phase

The anagen phase is the first part of the eyelash growth cycle. On average, this phase lasts for about 10 to 20 weeks, though this can vary from person to person. During the anagen phase, your eyelashes are actively growing — and they’re growing at their maximum potential. Unfortunately, this phase is also the most difficult to affect with external products.

While you may see slight variations in the length of your lashes during this phase, these changes are likely to be very minimal. During the anagen phase, you can support the growth of your lashes by applying a moisturizing serum to the base of your eyelashes.  During this phase, your eyelashes are particularly sensitive to dryness and breakage, so it’s important to keep them as hydrated as possible.

The Growth Phase

The growth phase is the second part of the eyelash growth cycle. This phase generally lasts between one and two months and begins when the lashes enter the anagen phase. During this phase, the eyelashes are actively growing in length and thickness. However, the growth phase is also when the eyelashes are most likely to break.

You can prevent breakage by strengthening your lashes during the growth phase with a nourishing formula like a lash growth serum. During this phase, you can support the growth of your lashes by applying a lash growth serum to the base of your eyelashes.

The Regression Phase

The regression phase is the third part of the eyelash growth cycle. This phase is also known as the “fall out” phase because it’s when your eyelashes are more likely to fall out. During the regression phase, your eyelashes are transitioning back to the anagen phase, which means they’re more likely to break. This is the phase when many people experience “lash breakage.”

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to prevent lash breakage during the regression phase. However, you can prevent lash fall-out by using a lash growth serum throughout the growth phase. During this phase, you can support the growth of your lashes by applying a lash growth serum to the base of your eyelashes.

The Telogen Phase

The telogen phase is the fourth part of the eyelash growth cycle. This phase marks the end of the growth cycle and is when the eyelashes enter the resting phase. At the end of the growth cycle, your eyelashes naturally shed and enter the resting phase. However, eyelashes often enter the resting phase prematurely, which means they fall out. During this phase, you can prevent premature eyelash shedding by applying a lash growth serum to the base of your lashes.

Tips for Helping Eyelashes Grow Longer

Use moisturizing ingredients on the lashes - Eyelashes are incredibly sensitive to dryness and breakage.  Ingredients like castor oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e are highly beneficial for moisturizing the lashes and roots, which is ultimately prevent excessive breakage.

Avoid situations that pull lashes – When you use a lash curler tool regularly, you run the risk of pinching and pulling on eyelashes.  It’s a better move to use it minimally or not at all.  Another situation that can pull on lashes or create excessive stress on eyelashes is wearing false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.  It's just added weight and stress (not to mention the terrible chemicals used to adhere fake lashes to your real lashe) that can really do a number on existing eyelashes.

Use a lash growth serum - A lash growth serum is a great tool for helping your eyelashes grow longer.

Stay hydrated - You may not realize it, but the health of your eyelashes is closely linked to the health of your body. That’s why it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day.

Reduce stress - Stress can negatively affect your body in many different ways, including the health of your eyelashes. 


Eyelashes are a key part of any makeup look. Even if you don’t wear makeup regularly, long, thick lashes can make you look more youthful and put together. Eyelash growth serums can help your lashes grow longer, but you need to understand the eyelash growth cycle first. During the anagen phase, your lashes grow but they don’t grow quickly. During the growth phase, your eyelashes are actively growing but they’re still not growing quickly. Finally, during the regression phase, your eyelashes are falling out but they’re still not growing quickly. During the telogen phase, your eyelashes are in the resting phase and not growing at all. With this information, you can better understand how eyelash growth serums work and which products are best for your needs.  Our lash growth serum has a long list of clinically proven ingredients to help eyelashes grow healthier and longer.

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eyelash growth cycle

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