Pores on Skin: How to Minimize Them

pores on skin

Pores on Skin: Causes & Tips

If there’s one thing that makes people feel self conscious about their skin, it’s enlarged and/or clogged pores. It's hard to talk about, and it's pleasant, but with the right kind of information and actions, pores can be reduced in size.

Pores on the skin can expand over time but can also be remedied by some of the suggestions below.

Never fear, by learning more, you too can reduce the pores on skin and enjoy a smoother, radiant complexion.

Our Papaya Enzyme Exfoliation Mask is safe for all skin types and is highly recommended to help clear pores and minimize them.

How Do Pores on Skin Become Enlarged?

Over production of facial oil (sebum). When your skin produces too much oil, not only can this cause clogging on the pores on skin, but it can draw in dirt, making the congestion of the pores difficult to clear and keep clear.

There are many different reasons why your skin might overproduce oil (sebum). It may be hormone related, or it might be seasonal, and it might be because of the products you’ve been using. Stronger toners and cleansers can be counterproductive, because you are under the impression your really cleaning you skin of all of that excess oil, but then the skin responds by producing a significant amount of oil to make up for the stripping of the skin. Balance is the key. Go for gentler products as opposed to stronger ones, which can be harsh and irritating.

Using products that clog pores. Keep an eye on products that might include ingredients that are known to clog pores. This is typically going to be chemicals, synthetics, and dyes. In addition, not only can these ingredients clog pores, but they can also cause inflammation exacerbating the clogging of the pores even more.

Skin that’s losing its elasticity. There can be a variety of reasons why skin loses it’s elasticity. Aging, sun damage, irritation and inflammation. Try including elastin building ingredients into your skin care routine, like retinol (vitamin a), niacinamide, coenzyme q10, and peptides.

Actions to Take to Minimize Pores on Skin

Wear a sunscreen every day. Wearing a sunscreen every day is obviously going to help prevent sun damage, and by doing that, you are preserving your skin as opposed to it gradually losing elasticity, which will cause your pores to look enlarged and loose.

Exfoliate either chemically or physically. When you exfoliate the skin, you cause the cell production process to move along, and this is especially vital as we age. There are two main ways to exfoliate your skin at home: chemically and physically. We love both. Exfoliating the skin chemically will involved using a topical product that will dissolve the top protein bonds of the skin, allowing for these layers to be sloughed off to show newer skin. Chemical exfoliants are typically AHA’s or BHA’s. Our papaya enzyme mask is an excellent option for that purpose. Physical exfoliation is when a grainy or gritty product or exfoliating glove or pad is used to buff away dead skin cells.

Our Papaya Enzyme Exfoliation Mask is safe for all skin types and is highly recommended to help clear pores and minimize them.

Cleanse every night. It can be a pain and perhaps you’re too tired in the evening to do one more thing before falling into bed, but it really is essential to cleanse your skin before a night of rest if you hope to reduce any issues you might be having with pores on skin or avoid any future issues.

If you wear waterproof cosmetics, you might want to reconsider that decision, since they are harder to remove than washable cosmetics and can make the task that much more difficult to not only thoroughly remove but make sure there is no oily residue from the products that are often required to break down waterproof cosmetics.

Hydrate according to your skin type. If you’ve determined your skin type, you can then find the right kind of moisturizer that is going to be conducive to pores on skin that are in good shape, not clogged or lose. For example, if you are prone to having oily skin, you might want to look for a moisturizer that does not contain an excessive amount of oils and butters. If you have combination skin, you might actually need more than one kind of moisturizer, so that you can hydrate those separate areas accordingly.

Try a clay mask. Clay is naturally an ideal ingredient to use to draw impurities and oils out of the pores and detoxifying skin. There are many different types of clays, and they are all quite equally effective. We love kaolin, bentonite, and glacial clay – all of which are safe for all skin types and have an abundance of minerals and nutrients. As a clay mask dries on the face, it will draw out dirt and oils, which can then be wiped away and rinsed with warm water. It’s a very natural and effective way to keep your pores in good shape.

Our Papaya Enzyme Exfoliation Mask is safe for all skin types and is highly recommended to help clear pores and minimize them:


We know that enlarged or clogged pores on skin can be very discouraging, but with these tips and changes you can correct those issues. Questions? Please feel free to reach out anytime via email at info@claribelskincare.com or click the chat button in the bottom right corner.

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