GABA Skin Benefits: Top 3 Perks You'll Love

gaba skin benefits / gaba benefits for skin

GABA Skin Benefits: 3 Top Perks You'll Love

In this blog post we'll go over how GABA benefits the skin. It’s quite common for new skin care ingredients to make the news and gain popularity, and sometimes it can seem inundating, but we assure you that the benefits of GABA should not go unnoticed, and if you can add it to your skin care routine, you'll be quite happy you did.

What is GABA?

The great news is that if you do a little research and consider your personal skin care needs, you can greatly benefit from ingredients like GABA.

GABA (Aminobutyric Acid) is a non-protein amino acid and is plant derived. You find GABA in plant sources such as spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli, or kale.

GABA was first synthesized in 1883, and eventually became known as an important part our human nervous system.

GABA is well known as a supplement taken by the fitness industry to help tone muscles, as well as in supplements promoting sleep wellness, and also in recent years, an added benefit of mood enhancement and relaxation. 

As a topical ingredient, it offers fantastic benefits you'll want to incorporate into your own skin care routine, as it's a great alternative to Botox.

What Are the Top 3 GABA Skin Benefits?

There are 3 key benefits to using GABA on your skin:

1: GABA can quickly penetrate the skin and relax tense muscles. This helps wrinkles and lines smooth out and relax as well. GABA is considered nature's Botox. When you include GABA in your daily skin care routine, lines and wrinkles are reduced and can disappear over time. Because GABA is a natural muscle relaxant, it makes it ideal for anti-aging skin care and preventing future wrinkles and signs of aging.

2: The effects of GABA on the skin our immediate, as well as accumulative, building overtime and maintaining a more relaxed muscle function. It's good to know that an ingredient not only has the immediate ability to help but also long term.

3: In skin care GABA is also classified as a barrier protectant as well as a collagen booster. These added benefits can make GABA all that much more appealing when including in your skin care routine.

Can GABA Make Your Face Tingle?

While it's true that some people say GABA makes their skin tingle, it's rather uncommon and it’s very minimal if it does happen. On the rare occasion it does happen, it's up sides within moments. This is a completely harmless effect.

Our Firming & Lifting Anti Aging Serum includes GABA in a long list of skin loving ingredients.  In this gel like serum, GABA is partnered with a variety of peptides, alpha lipoic acid, and vegan derived DMAE:


We’re extremely positive that everyone, regardless of your age or skin type, can greatly benefit from including some GABA in your skin care.  Our Firming & Lifting Anti Aging Serum is an important choice to add to your skin care routine, and the benefits are cumulative, so when you use it regularly, you'll benefit from  it more and more as time goes on.