Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Here is our complete list of the natural skin care ingredients. All of our natural skin care ingredients are plant and earth based:

Achillea Millefolium Extract:  Part of our clinically proven skin lightening and tone evening complex, derived from Alpine plants.

Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract:  Part of our clinically proven skin lightening and tone evening complex, derived from Alpine plants.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: A strong antioxidant, derived from a variety of vegetables. It is excellent for correcting wrinkles, swelling, puffiness, and shrink pore size.

Apple Fruit Acid: Our apple fruit acid contains alpha hydroxy acid and malic acid, which promotes smoother, healthier skin, by exfoliating the top layers to reveal fresher skin.

Argan Oil: Our argan oil is derived from Argan trees in Morocco. It is well known for it’s ability to moisturize and improve elasticity.

Argireline / Hexapeptide: Argireline is a non irritating amino acid derived from natural protein that can relax facial muscles, which can lessen the depth of wrinkles andthe signs of aging.  

Arbutin: Alpha Arbutin is derived from the Bearberry plant, and is the natural alternative to skin lightening. While it is natural, it can be faster and safer than chemical alternatives. Arbutin will correct sun spots and discoloration.

Avocado: A vitamin rich oil that can correct damaged and aging skin. It encourages cell turnover and can naturally improve eczema and psoriasis.

Bearberry: Offers a variety of medicinal benefits but is mainly known for it’s anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant qualities. It’s wonderful for acne care, as it has astringent and disinfectant qualities, and kills the bacteria that causes acne. It contains a few sought after ingredients Allantoin (wound healing), Arbutin (natural lightening), Betulinic Acid (improves elasticity and cancer preventative), Ellagic Acid (natural lightening and antioxidant).

Bees Wax:  An emollient and sweet smelling ingredients that lends a thickening qualities to products.  It's considered a superior protectant to skin and body.

Betulinic Acid: Derived from betula alba bark, this has been proven to increase elasticity, restore skin's supplement and prevent further loss.  It will stimulate collagen and improve skin clarity. 

Blackberry Seed Oil: Very high in vitamin C and is extremely stable. It is a natural source for tocopherols and omega 3’s.

Bladderwrack: Is a seaweed that nourishes the skin and removes excess fluids and toxins.

Boswellia Serrata: Derived from a tree in India, this active ingredient can preserve the elasticity in skin and help skin retain hyaluronic acid levels in skin.  

Brahmi (Gotu Kola): Is an Ayurvedic herb that rejuvenates and regenerates the skin. It has been used since ancient times for healing, and is known for improving varicose veins and circulation.

Buriti Fruit Oil: Extremely rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, is well known for it’s ability to increase elasticity and improve maturing skin.

Calendula: Soothes skin and is an anti inflammatory.

Carrot Seed Oil: Great for anti aging, it is well known for improving circulation, increasing elasticity, toning and firming. Great for balancing dry and oily skin.

Castille (Vegetable): Our castile is vegan derived and a natural ingredient in our cleansers.

Centella Asiatica: Is well known to improve firmness, elasticity, and overall anti aging ingredient. It produces collagen and is an natural inflammatory. It is derived from the Centella plant.

Chamomile: Is an anti inflammatory and can be found in the form of extract, dried herb, or essential oil.

Chilean Hazelnut Oil: Is naturally derived and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Great for hydrating dry and aging skin.

Cinnamon Extract: Is a very effective, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-fungal. Cinnamon is able to kill acne causing bacteria, improves blood and oxygen circulation, therefore helping by unclogging and opening pores.

Clove: Is rejuvenating and stimulating for the skin, often used to detoxify and control acne. Full of antioxidants and increases blood flow.

Cocoa Bioferment: Excellent for treating cellulite and under eye circles.  Cocoa has a long history of having strong medicinal properties. 

Cocoa Butter: Our cocoa butter is naturally derived and incredibly emollient. Known for it’s healing properties and the ability to reduce the formation of stretch marks. Contains valuable antioxidants.

Coconut Oil: Is rich in vitamins and proteins. A natural alternative to petroleum, and highly moisturizing, as it absorbs quickly into the skin.  Coconut oil is also know for natural sun protection.

Coenzyme Q10: Also known as ubiquinone, is plant derived and excellent for encouraging significant collagen production.

Coffee (Butter, Essential Oil): Contain natural caffeine which is excellent for firming and regenerating skin. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant. It offers natural UV protection.

Cranberry Seed Oil: Rich in tocopherols and antioxidants.

Cucumber Extract: Our cucumber extract contains phytosterols that are known to strengthen skin, restore moisture, and improve elasticity.

Cypress: Wonderful for increasing circulation and drawing out toxins. Ideal for cellulite and acne.

Dead Sea Mud: Incredibly mineral rich and strong ability to heal. Well known for killing acne causing bacteria.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline / Plant Derived Collagen Amino Acids (Sepilift):  Our dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline is plant based and is proven to offer triple action firming, wrinkle correction, more supple skin, and longer lasting moisture. 

DMAE: Is naturally derived and will firm sagging skin. Not only are it’s effects immediate – but also cumulative, and it’s benefits accrue over time.

Edelweiss Extract:  This is a potent antioxidant, and can sooth irritated skin and assist aging skin that is stressed.

Elderberry: Considered a super berry and antioxidant rich, helps prevent aging damage and wrinkle formation.

Fermented Coconut Fruit Natural Preservative:  This is a very mild zero to low irritation preservative that is naturally derived, and will prevent the growth of yeast and mold in products.  It's gentle quality makes it appropriate for all skin types.

Fermented Vegetable Natural Preservative:  Our fermented vegetable preservative is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that offers significant skin conditioning qualities.  It is considered zero to low irritation which makes it very suitable for all skin types.

Ferulic Acid:  Our ferulic acid is derived from seeds and leaves, and has strong antioxidant properties.  It is added to products that contain vitamin c or ascorbic acid, as it will stabilize it and keep it from oxidation.

Frankincense: Helps eliminate sun spots, signs of aging, and promote cell turnover. Tones and tightens skin.

French Green Clay: Rich in phytonutrients and minerals, well known for removing toxins from skin.

Fruit Acid Complex: Our acids are a concentrated blend of fruit acids, naturally derived. They promote smoother, healthier skin, and increase the rate of cell turnover.

Gaba Aminobutyric Acid (GABA): A naturally derived amino acid that is well known for relaxing the skin, as a topical tranquilizer.

Galangal Extract: Derived from a tropical plant, this is a wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Geranium: Can fade scars, promotes cell regeneration, treats and heals acne breakouts, and firms sagging skin.

Gigawhite: Is a plant derived ingredient that is proven to brighten and even skin tone, reduce sun spots, and lighten skin.

Ginkgo: Naturally derived and has been used medicinally for over 5,000 years. Is an antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and cell regenerative. Great for anti aging and anti cellulite care. Has been proven to decrease the development pigmentation and promote the reduction of pigmentation. It has also been proven to improve the skin’s protection from UVB rays and improve the production of collagen, which helps to keep the skin firm and youthful.

Ginseng: Will reduce inflammation, stimulate cell growth, and extend cellular life span.

Glucosamine: Stimulates hyaluronic acid in skin, improves hydration, accelerates wound healing, and reduces wrinkles. Will increase elasticity and rate of exfoliation.

Glycerin (Vegetable): A vegetable derived strong humectant that can restore elasticity and moisture levels.

Glycolic Acid:  Our glycolic acid is of high quality and benefits skin greatly by gently exfoliating layers of the skin to remove hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

Goats Milk: Is a natural emollient that is absorbed into the skin and quickly hydrates. Contains many vitamins and helps balance skin’s pH levels.

Gotu Kola: Considered one of the strongest rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.  It is well known for collagen stimulation and healing.

Grapefruit: Great for balancing skin, a strong antioxidant, diuretic, and lymphatic. Tones and firms skin, and fights acne and cellulite.

Grapeseed Oil: Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Great for hydration and aging skin.

Green Tea (Extract, Caffeine): Can decrease the risk of skin cancer and alleviates water retention in skin. Great for firming and toning.  Anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  

Ground Oats: Full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that add moisture to benefit the condition of one's skin. Also an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 

Guar Gum: Our guar gum is naturally derived from the guar gum plant and is considered a natural emulsifier and thickener.  It will contribute to softening the skin.

Helichrysum: Speeds the recovery of wounds and scars, combats and soothes acne, and is a great anti aging choice for maturing skin.

Hibiscus: Has antioxidant benefits, and improves skin’s elasticity. Targets cellulite reduction and great for firming.

Honey: Is a natural antiseptic and skin cleanser. Helps remove dirt and dead cells from skin.

Horse Chestnut: Is an antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and well known for it’s anti aging qualities.

Hyaluronic Acid: Has the incredible ability to hydration in skin and repair skin.

Hydrolyzed Sesame Protein:  Our hydrolyzed sesame protein is a new generation tightening and firming ingredient is naturally derived.  Clinical studies show that it will help firm skin, tighten, an smooth. as well as assist in contouring as a wonderful anti aging ingredient.

Kojic Acid:  Kojic acid is the by product of the fermentation of malting rice.  It is known to prevent and correct pigmentation issues.

Juniper: Has antiseptic qualities and great for reducing cellulite.

Kinetin: A plant derived antioxidant, is clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage. It is considered the natural alternative to the drug Retin-A, and has surpassed it’s results in testing.

Lactic Acid:  Our lactic acid is derived from cane and beet sugar and is vegan certified.

Lavender: Has many health benefits that include pain reduction, anxiety reduction, disinfectant properties, bug repellent, and kills the bacteria associated with the formation of acne.

L-Carnosine: An antioxidant and anti inflammatory, helps protect skin against cancer, improves healing and elasticity.

L-Carnitine: Is a naturally occurring amino acid, which has been proven to effectively firm skin, alleviate cellulite, and increase skin elasticity.

Lecithin: Our lecithin is vegetable derived and rich in B vitamins. Used as a natural emulsifier, and can fight dry damaged skin as well as treat eczema.

Lemon Peel Bioferment: Naturally derived and a great skin lightener, it will reduce sun spots and pigmentation issues.

Lemon Essential Oil: Brightens, tones skin and stimulates circulation.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: A great skin toner, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, helps minimize pores and firms skin.

Licorice Root: Has been used as an Aryuvedic remedy, is a strong antioxidant, and aids in lightening, toning, firming, and cellulite reduction.

Lycopene: Is derived from tomatoes and an important antioxidant. Inhibits the growth of some cancers.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: One of the most important skin ingredients available, it is an antioxidant and transforms into vitamin c when applied topically. It is known for wound healing, collagen production, corrects pigmentation issues, and improves elasticity.

Malva Sylvestris Extract:  Part of our clinically proven skin lightening and tone evening complex, derived from Alpine plants.

Marine Phytoplantkon:  Helps fill and regenerate and correct wrinkles, repair and firm skin. Naturally derived from non-genetically modified marine organisms. 

Melisa Officinalis Leaf Extract:  Part of our clinically proven skin lightening and tone evening complex, derived from Alpine plants.

Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract:  Part of our clinically proven skin lightening and tone evening complex, derived from Alpine plants.

Mango Butter: Naturally plant derived and wonderful for moisturizing skin. Restores elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and high in stearic acid.

Melatonin: Improves skin elasticity, improves pigmentation, and protects against solar radiation.

Microalgae Nannochloropsis Oculata:  Proven to help firm skin and add a protective layer which assists in moisture and nutrient retention.

Microdermabrasion Crystals: Fine white powder used in doctor offices, salons and spas for skin exfoliation.

Multani Mitti: Also known as Indians Fullers Earth, is comprised of the decomposition of volcanic ash. It is highly absorbent and increases circulation.

Murumuru Butter: Is native to Brazil, very high in Vitamin A, and helps increase elasticity and moisture. 

Mushroom Extract: Studies show that mushroom extract increased cell turnover significantly, improved hydration levels, increased firmness, and fine lines were reduced as well.  

Myrrh: Highly beneficial for wound healing, anti aging, and regenerating the skin.

Natural Active Peptides:  Derived from marine collagen, will supply your skin with valuable amino acids to produce more collagen production.

Niacinamide: Improves skin color, decreases inflammation, improves blotchiness, and can lighten skin per the National Library of Medicine.

Neroli: Derived from the bitter orange tree, is great for balancing skin, and regenerate new cells.

Oats (Ground, Steel Cut): Full of vitamins, minerals and lipids. Has anti-inflammatory benefits and contains antioxidants.

Olive Oil: High in Vitamin E, will fight free radicals, help repair photo aging, and regenerate skin.

Orange: Lovely for skin, as it helps eliminate water retention, tones, and balances skin.

Papaya Fruit Enzymes: Soothes skin irritations, exfoliates dead cells.

Peach Kernel Oil: High in Vitamin A, E, and B vitamins. Light in texture and restores elasticity.

Peppermint: Will relieve skin irritations and reduce mental fatigue.

Pink Himalayan Salt: Contains dozens of minerals and vitamins, helps skin restore a normal balance, improve circulation, and gently draws out toxins.

Peptides: Will synthensize new collagen and help skin fight the signs of aging.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: A strong antioxidant, with the capability to protect skin from cancer.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil:  An excellent antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and a natural option for sun protection.  

Resveratrol: A natural antioxidant derived from Japanese Knotweed.  Improves elasticity, helps eliminate age spots, and helps prevent the development of skin cancer.

Retinol: Increases collagen production. Retinol is vitamin A which is a natural ingredient, not to be confused with the prescription drug Retin-A.

Rhodiola Rosea: Also known as Roseroot, this extract is very popular for it's ability to help firm and tone skin, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Rice Bran: Known for balancing oils in the skin, prevent wrinkles, and provide moisture.

Rosehip Seed Oil: Is naturally derived and rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as Omega 3 and 6. Has been proven to regenerate skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars.  Known also to be a natural sunscreen ingredient.

Rosemary: Great for balancing skin, preventing acne, and increasing circulation. Also known for promoting hair growth.

Rose: Helps calm the mind, restore moisture, and repair mature skin and wrinkle formation.

Sandalwood:  Helps soothe and relieve irritated skin that may be itchy, inflamed, dehydrated, and for suffers of eczema, psoriasis, and acne.  The scent promotes relaxation from stress or anxiety.   

Sea Buckthorn Berry: Proven success with healing, anti aging, and restoring moisture in skin. High in vitamins and fatty acids.

Sea Kelp Bioferment: Extracted from North American kelp, an excellent oil free moisturizer.

Sea Kelp (Norwegian): Mineral and vitamin rich, an excellent choice for infusing skin with nutrients and detoxifying.

Sea Salt (Dead, Standard): Mineral rich and high in Potassium, Magnesium and Bromide. Draws out toxins, eliminates skin problems, and revitalizes.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is a rich and smooth ingredients that lends a soothing and conditioning quality to ingredients.  It is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and offer an approximate 6 spf to products.  Rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Silymarin: Derived from the milk thistle plant, this is proven to help heal skin from UV and benzoyl peroxide damage. An antioxidant, it reduces the effects of toxins.

Songyi Mushroom Extract:  Clinically proven to lighten and whiten skin, which is great for anyone who has accumulated some sun damage over the years.  This extract is considered soothing an a non irritant, and evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation without causing melanocyte. 

Soy Isoflavones: Great for healing, anti aging, and preventing future damage.

Tea Tree Oil: Has the strong ability to kill the bacteria that causes acne. It is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Generally can have a strong smell, but worth it.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E):  Protects the skin membrane and can prevent the signs aging.

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA): TCA is a cosmetic acid used to treat cosmetic issues such as removing acne scars, reducing facial wrinkles and reducing signs of aging.  It is capable of reaching deeper layers of the skin compared to most other acids on the market.

Tripeptides:  Tripeptides are an amino acid protein proven to repair and increase collagen, which will then repair and rejuvenate skin. 

Vegetable Collagen: While derived from vegetables, it is proven just as effective as animal based collagen.

Veronica Officinalis Extract:  Part of our clinically proven skin lightening and tone evening complex, derived from Alpine plants.

Vitamin C: Known to prevent aging of the skin,and also to repair damage.

Vitamin K:  Helps reduce under eye circles. It reduces swelling, bruising, scars, stretch marks and burns.

Walnut Oil:  Helps to regenerate skin, firm, tone and moisturize.

White Lily:  An anti-inflammatory and healing extract.

Wild Yam: Helps moisturize and plump skin, especially around menopause.

Willow Bark: Naturally derived and contains the natural version of salicylic acid. Promotes cell turnover, exfoliation, acne prevention, and the reduction of wrinkles.

Witch Hazel Hydrosol: Derived from the witch hazel shrub, this toner and natural astringent does not contain alcohol like the witch hazel sold in stores. It's is known to be very soothing and healing.

Xanthan Gum:  Our xanthan gum is a sugar derived ingredient that is used to bind ingredients and stabilize our emulsions.

Zinc Oxide: Provides UV protection.