Sagging Skin on Face: Causes, Myths and Non-Invasive Solutions

sagging skin on face

Sagging Skin on Face

We all fear the dreaded grumpy resting face that seems inevitable as we age. There’s another phrase for it, but we won’t mention it here. The truth is, some sagging skin on the face is inevitable, but some can be prevented and even reversed without one single doctor appointment.

Here, we’re going to break it down with Causes, Myths, and Desired Ingredients and Procedures.

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What Causes Sagging Skin on Face

Aging: As we age our collagen production starts to wane and the cell production is much slower than it used to be. This causes the signs of aging to show up on our skin. We no longer have the built in defense that we had in our 20’s and 30’s. Read on below and discover some helpful ways to fight the signs of aging and thus improve sagging skin on the face.

Sun Exposure: Science studies show that sun exposure to our skin causes up to 90% of the damage we accumulate. While it could be reasonably less for individuals who use sunscreen diligently and limit their sun exposure, accumulating it even in the smallest tasks is quite possible. Some sun exposure is to be expected, but can be treated with some of the suggestions below.

Weight Loss: Rapid and/or significant weight loss can certainly cause sagging skin on the face, and other areas of the body. You might want to consult a medical provider on what options you have for significant body skin sagging, and you can find some success with the ideas we’ll share with you in terms of the sagging skin on your face.

Sleep Positions: Side sleepers run the risk of accumulating creases and wrinkles in the skin more than back sleepers. Side sleeping is quite common, and causes the face to “fold” in some places as it presses against a pillow.

Underlying or Ongoing Health Issues: Sometimes just dealing with various health issues can take a toll on our appearance and cause to to age more rapidly. Sometimes the medication involved in these health issues can speed the process of sagging in the face along faster. But more knowledge is only to your benefit, and putting steps in place, actions in place, and talking with your doctor about medications and alterative options is the best way to address how you feel and look.

Our Firming & Lifting Anti Aging Serum is an effective choice in your effort to firm skin. We include a long meaningful list of proven plant based ingredients at an affordable price.

Myths About Sagging Skin on Face

Running: According to Dr. Kiya Movassaghi, an avid triathlete and nationally recognized board certified plastic surgeon, running doesn’t specifically cause your face to look this way. That said, he does point out that the combination of having a lean body and experiencing long-term sun exposure, regardless of how it comes about, will lead to a gaunt look through the face.

Jade Rollers: These tools feel great on the skin and cause help drain the lymphatic system, but they cannot actually correct sagging skin on the face. You may want to incorporate them into your pamper sessions, but they won’t really make any changes in the structure of the skin.

Most “Skin Firming” Appliances on the Market: There are a gazillion appliances for sale on ebay and Amazon that are knock offs and claim to be microcurrent machines and radio frequency machines, but many of them are not properly calibrated with the correct amperes if they are a microcurrent machine. The wrong level or too strong and it could actually fatigue the muscles. (Catch out tips below on how to find the right microcurrent machine.) As for radio frequency devices, the waves of heat need to be between 122 and 167 degrees, and anything else will not be effective.

Ingredients to Look For & Minimally Invasive Procedures To Help Correct Sagging Skin on Face

Vitamin A: Vitamin A can help improve the elasticity of the skin, and boost collagen production. Adding this ingredient to your skin care routine will help with your efforts to correct sagging skin on the face.

Antioxidants: Most antioxidants are rich in vitamin c, b, and e, and are very helpful in making your skin stronger by combating oxidative stress. The addition of antioxidants can

Collagen Producing Ingredients: There are so many effective active ingredients that can help the production of collagen for sagging skin on the face, but here are a few to look for: centella asiatica, coenzyme q10, gingko extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a variety of peptides, vitamin a,

Acids: Acids that help exfoliate the layers of the skin will at the same time help invigorate collagen production, which can help sagging skin look and feel firmer with continued use. Look for any of these acid names: AHA, glycolic, TCA, lactic, malic, etc.

Hyaluronic Acids: Hyaluronic acid can help the skin retain a significant amount of water, and when skin is properly hydrated, will perform all of it’s function at top level.

Facial Massage: Some medical studies have shown that implementing some manual facial massages can help the appearance of sagging skin on the face as it invigorates blood flow and oxygen levels.

Radio Frequency: As we mentioned above, there are many appliances on the market that claim to offer radio frequency capabilities, but many just do not. You can find a quality option online but be sure to read the reviews and find out what their return policy is. You can also schedule to have treatment done in a dermatology office or salon, but expect to pay hundreds of dollars for each appointment.

Microneedle Treatments: Microneedle treatments are an excellent want to change the “landscape” of your skin and promote faster collagen production – which leads to less sagging. Microneedle treatments can be done at home or in a dermatology office or salon. There are some quality microneedle options to purchase online. Always start with a smaller needle size, follow the instructions, clean your tools regularly, and replace periodically.

Microcurrent Facial: As we also noted above, a quality microcurrent machine take a little research. Avoid a good deal on something that will likely be junk. When in doubt Nuface offers some highly reputable devices that almost everyone seems to benefit from.

Our Firming & Lifting Anti Aging Serum is an effective choice in your effort to firm skin. We include a long meaningful list of proven plant based ingredients at an affordable price:


There are some truly effective ways to help us with sagging skin on the face, and these tips and tools above will get you headed in the right direction.

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