4 Must Have Fall Nail Colors October 21 2014

The start of fall is an exciting time to reconsider your beauty style and cosmetic routine, with so many wonderful trends popping up. Autumn is my favorite time of year, hands down. To me it signifies a fresh start, an opportunity to decide on new goals, and the start of the holiday season.

Nail polish and nail art appears to be a growing trend, with a TV show now featuring nail artists in competition, but also new products on the market to enable consumers to dress up their nails with decals, specialized paints, and new gel finishes promising longer wear.

I have a ton of nail polishes, many of which I admit I’ve only worn once. I tend to gravitate between darks and light neutrals, with an occasional red, orange or bright pink. My nails are natural, I was blessed with decent looking nails that grow well, so I can easily decide if I want to go short for a nice dark nail or longer for a light neutral. I definitely do not like dark color on long nails, which tends to look garish and dated. I'd also say that french manicures are also very dated and 90's, unless is an updated french with unique color and contrast.  I really do appreciate the creative ways nails can be done, but I have my own personal preferences. I work with my hands every day so a stiletto nail or a lot of nail are would not do well with my line of work.  

In ode to fall, let’s take a look at four colors that beauty and fashion trend reports are recommending.

1. Rich Brown / Sally Hansen, Forbidden Fudge

2. Cranberry/ Zoya, Veronica


3. Bluish Gray / Essie, Power Clutch

4. Copper / Opi, Sprung

What are some fall colors you’re looking forward to wearing? Share you fall nail color loves and preferences.